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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 801 | Updated: Aug 04, 2022
Marriage Test Quiz: Which Type of Marriage Do You Have?

Every marriage is different because every person is different. People marry for multiple reasons. Some tie the knot because they are in love, while others marry someone for insurance or to ensure their stay in a specific country. People are tempted to say that the best type of marriage is the one that is based on romance, but they might be wrong. Love is not the only thing that keeps a marriage solid and united. Take this quiz to discover what type of marriage you have – maybe you’ll discover that romance is not the central aspect of your marriage!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the number one reason you have married your spouse?

A. To have children

B. To enjoy a mature and rewarding relationship

C. Because I love them very much

D. Because everybody gets married

2. What is your favorite pastime activity?

A. Spending time with kids outside

B. Going out in clubs or to concerts

C. Just being close to my spouse

D. Shopping

3. What is the most important life value for you?

A. Family

B. Fun

C. Love

D. Stability

4. What are the three things you would take with you on a remote island?

A. Toys, books, and organic food cans

B. Alcohol, my best outfit, sunglasses

C. A bottle of wine, a blanket, and a guitar

D. A lantern, medicines, and an umbrella

5. What is the perfect holiday destination for you?

A. A place where kids are welcome

B. A city with a busy nightlife and lots of shopping venues

C. Paris or a romantic European city

D. Some place with a low criminality rate

6. What would determine you to give your spouse a second chance if he or she cheated on you?

A. Staying together for our children

B. The prospect of taking our relationship to a new level

C. The fear of losing them

D. My need for financial stability

7. What is your opinion on having children?

A. It's my biggest dream!

B. It's not compulsory

C. It's a natural thing to happen when you love someone

D. It's what most people do, so I will probably do it myself

8. What is the most difficult marriage crisis you could imagine?

A. Not having children or dealing with children issues

B. Having a suffocating spouse

C. Adultery

D. Becoming homeless or losing your savings

9. If you were to go together to some classes, what kind of classes would they be?

A. Child rearing classes

B. Fitness or anything useful

C. Dancing or wine tasting

D. Financial education or something similar

10. You win a large amount of money at the lottery. What do you do with it?

A. I invest it in my children's education

B. I use it to travel around the world

C. I discuss the issue with my spouse first and take a decision together

D. I invest it in a safe manner

11. On your anniversary, what are your usual plans?

A. Family dinner with kids

B. A romantic date

C. A house party

D. Lavish dinner

12. After a rough week, how does your partner treat you?

A. They ask you to rest and rejuvenate

B. They ask you to get a massage

C. They ask you to have a good time with the children

D. They take you out

13. How does your partner respond after silly mistakes?

A. They get angry

B. They try to mock you

C. They try to figure out the solution

D. They don't give much attention

14. How do you resolve a disagreement?

A. One of you gives in

B. You both stay angry

C. You argue and get over with it

D. You talk about the pros and cons of the issue

15. You have a might by yourselves, what will you do?

A. Hangout with your partner and other people

B. Watch a movie at home

C. Sleep

D. Go on a date

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