Signs of a Cheating Husband Quiz

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Signs of a Cheating Husband Quiz
One of the worst feelings that you will feel is getting cheated on. You may want to know the signs of a cheating husband. The thought that the love of your life may be seeing someone else can be enough to cause you a lot of heartbreak. You may think that you are just being paranoid. There are so many possibilities that are available, so things can be highly confusing for you. This is one quiz that may be Read more able to help you recognize the signs. Take this quiz now and get your answers! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you not spending as much time as compared to before.

A. No, we still see each other regularly.

B. Yes, but it is only because he is busy.

C. Yes.

2. Are there some changes with the way that he allows you to look at his phone?

A. Not really; he still asks me to get it for him.

B. I don’t think I have noticed anything different.

C. Yes, the password has changed.

3. Has he always been secretive?

A. He has always been mysterious.

B. There are moments when he would rather not say anything.

C. No, he used to be an “open book.”

4. Does he still post you on social media?

A. Yes, he has some random posts about me.

B. I still get tagged from time to time when he sees memes that remind him of me.

C. No. In fact, he tells me not to post about him too.

5. Has anyone who is closer to your partner started to act strange around you?

A. No one that I can think of.

B. I don’t think so, but I am not sure.

C. One/Some of his friends seem to want to avoid me.

6. Has he started to pay attention to his body more?

A. Not really.

B. He has always been conscious about the way that he looks.

C. Yes, he has been working out more often.

7. Has he been telling you stories about one particular person?

A. He has not been talking about anyone aside from the usual.

B. There are a few people that he mentions every now and then.

C. He has been telling me a few things about someone.

8. Does he immediately try to shower the moment that he goes inside the house?

A. He would rather eat first.

B. He would just do this after doing some sports.

C. He would barely nod his head at me before heading straight to the shower.

9. Has he ever cheated in the past?

A. No, he never cheated.

B. I had some suspicions, but they were never confirmed.

C. Yes

10. Have you not been having sex lately?

A. Our sex life is normal.

B. No, but he’s just tired.

C. Yes, something has changed.

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