Husband Infidelity Signs: How To Know He’s Cheating

Husband Infidelity Signs: How To Know He’s Cheating

Do you suspect that your husband is being unfaithful to you? Cheating is hurtful and detrimental to a marriage. The act of intimate betrayal in a marriage can take decades to recover from, if you choose to stay together at all. If your heart is telling you that your husband is being unfaithful, you should start listening. You’ll also want to learn about husband infidelity signs and what to do about them.

Contrary to popular belief, not all men are cheaters. If you suspect your man is being unfaithful, don’t give in to unfounded jealousy. Here are the standard husband infidelity signs to keep a look out for before confronting your partner.

He has a different schedule

After being together for some time now, you know your husband’s routine. You know when he’s tired, happy, excited, and what his patterns are. If you notice a distinct shift in his everyday behavior with no real reason behind it (such as troubles with his family, friends, or work) then this may be a sign that there is trouble ahead. Especially if he does not have an explanation for this shift in behavior.

He wants more alone time

One of the big infidelity signs is that he wants more time alone. This is especially troublesome if you are living together. While we all need time to ourselves to practice our hobbies, meditate, and be with friends, spending too much time apart from your mate can be damaging to your relationship. If this is out of the norm behavior for him, consider this a red flag.

If your husband is not verbally requesting more time away or making more plans with “friends” you may simply notice he disappears more often. His bathroom trips may get longer, he spends more time at work, or he goes on long “drives” or jogs.

Change in sexual style or preference

A change in sexual appetite can go one way or the other if your husband is having an affair. Some men experience a rush of testosterone while they are having affairs, leading to an increased appetite for sex with both you and their mistress. Other men may display a lack of interest in having sex with you due to guilt, or simply because he is infatuated with someone else. Whatever his reaction, if you notice a severe change in sexual appetite or style during sex you should keep your eyes peeled for other signs of an affair.

His cell is under lock and key

You may not have “spied” on your husband by checking his phone, but odds are you have probably played on his phone one time or another. If you have both had an open policy with your devices and now he seems to be reneging on the deal, then there may be trouble afoot. If he is taking phone calls in private and is no longer comfortable with you checking his texts, photos, or social media on his devices there is a strong possibility he is doing something you wouldn’t approve of.

He’s experiencing mood swings

Even at the slightest hint that you want an explanation for his behavior or whereabouts, he snaps at you and suddenly you are arguing about the smallest things. When men are under pressure or are experiencing guilt, they may pick a fight with you for seemingly no reason at all. This is also a sign that he has grown annoyed with you, possibly because his affections are being showered on someone else. On the other hand, if your husband is being overly nice out of the blue, you may be experiencing a different side of his guilty conscience.

He's experiencing mood swings

His spending has changed

Have you noticed a drop in funds, as of late? If your husband is seeing someone else he may be showering her with meals, gifts, hotel expenses, and events. If your husband can’t identify where X amount of money has gone, it may be because he has given it to someone else.

He can’t keep track of details

One glaring husband infidelity signs is when he can no longer seem to keep track of his lies. He told you he was going to the store to pick up some groceries but comes back with nothing. The other day he said he was spending time with a friend, but later says he hasn’t seen that friend in forever.

Another example is if he begins to remember things wrong. If he is cheating, he will start to get events and schedules mixed up between you and his lover. Is he chuckling about a hilarious movie you “watched together” when you know for certain you weren’t at the theater with him? Is he asking you about a doctor’s appointment or work ordeal that doesn’t apply to you? Keep your ears perked, because these are giant red flags.

Lies build up and some men simply can’t keep track of the: who, what, when, where, and fake how’s. If your husband can’t let you know with certainty where he was or what he was doing in recent weeks, it may be because he was spending his time with someone else.

He’s taking care of himself

When singles are looking to attract a mate they naturally put a little more effort into their looks. You probably noticed this with your husband when you first began dating. However, after some time the two of you grew comfortable with one another and stopped trying so hard.

If your husband is looking to attract someone new you may find he is heading to the gym more often, has changed his posture, lost weight, and has made a commitment to eating better. While getting healthy does not inherently mean that he is cheating, it is, unfortunately, a common husband infidelity sign.

No matter how long or short of a time you’ve been married, cheating is a painful experience that can be emotionally scarring. While there are always exceptions to the rules, may these infidelity signs open your eyes to what is really going on in your marriage.