Same-Sex Marriage Quiz- Would You Get Married To Your Same-Sex Partner?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 413
Same-Sex Marriage Quiz- Would You Get Married To Your Same-Sex Partner?
Same-sex marriages are now permitted in many countries around the world. It brings hope to the LGBT community in terms of the struggles they face every day because of their lifestyle. So, if you belong to the LGBT community, would you take the courage to marry your same-sex partner? Take our quiz now, and see what can push you to do it or stop you from doing it.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think that people should wear the traditional wedding attires for same sex-marriages?

A. Yes

B. Not necessarily

C. Who cares?

D. No, not at all

2. When did you start thinking about marriage?

A. A year after you got into the relationship

B. Five years after you got into the relationship

C. Once you've realized you were about to lose him/her

D. You don't really think about it

3. What gay celeb do you think will inspire your marriage?

A. Rupaul

B. Adam Lambert

C. George Michael

D. Ricky Martin

4. How often do you talk about marriage with your partner?

A. All the time

B. Every once in a while

C. Once every year

D. Never

5. Will your parents attend your marriage?

A. No

B. You are not sure

C. You don't really care about who attends or not

D. Yes

6. How many of your gay friends are married?

A. None

B. Two

C. More than two

D. All of them

7. What color should you wear to make your same-sex marriage celebration unique?

A. A shade of pink

B. A shade of green

C. A shade of white

D. Just white

8. Where would you want to tie the knot?

A. In a church

B. Near the beach

C. At a park

D. At a castle

9. Do you think same sex marriages should have their own rules? Why?

A. Yes, because you are too fierce to be conventional

B. Yes, because for once you get to own something

C. Yes, because you want to be original

D. No, because you like seeing people getting triggered over this

10. Do you think same-sex marriages have the same meaning than straight marriages? Why?

A. Yes, because it's about two people loving each other

B. Yes, because marriage is marriage after all

C. No, because same-sex marriages are fun

D. No, because same-sex marriages are edgier

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