Risk Of Divorce Quiz

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 391 | Updated: Nov 16, 2022
Risk of Divorce Quiz

Will you be a happy ever after couple or will your marriage terminate in divorce? Given the high rate of divorce these days, your concern is understandable. Take this quiz to assess your divorce risk!

Questions Excerpt

1. How is your financial situation?

A. Very poor

B. Poor

C. Satisfactory

D. Good

2. How satisfied are you with your life?

A. Not satisfied at all

B. Moderately satisfied

C. Rather satisfied

D. Very satisfied

3. How satisfied are you with your partner?

A. Not satisfied at all

B. Moderately satisfied

C. Rather satisfied

D. Very satisfied

4. How sure were you about your intentions to get married before the weddings?

A. Not sure at all

B. Moderately sure

C. Sure

D. Very sure

5. How much money does the wife make in your marriage?

A. More than the husband

B. The same amount as the husband

C. Less than the husband

D. A lot less than the husband

6. Has either of you cheated on the other partner in the past?

A. Never

B. Thought about it twice or thrice

C. If emotional infidelity counts, then yes

D. Yes

7. How do you both resolve a fight?

A. We take out time to talk about the issues

B. We avoid talking to each other till we cool down

C. We don’t talk about the issue for the longest possible time

D. It gets resolved after a couple of weeks

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, what is the communication level in the marriage?

A. 7-10

B. 5-7

C. 3-5

D. 1-3

9. Do you both trust each other?

A. 100%

B. I think so

C. Somewhat

D. Hardly

10. Are you with each other for the sake of family and kids?

A. No

B. Somewhat

C. Maybe

D. Yes

11. How much older is your husband?

A. Up to 3 years

B. 3 to 6 years

C. 6 to 9 years

D. More than 9 years

12. How old were you when you got married?

A. Less than 25 years or over middle age

B. Middle age

C. 30 to middle age

D. 25 - 30 years old

13. How many alcoholic drinks do you or your spouse consume every day?

A. More than 3

B. 2

C. 1

D. 0

14. How many times have you or your spouse been married before?

A. Three times

B. Twice

C. Once

D. Never

15. Do you disagree on the number of children you wish to have?

A. Strongly

B. Moderately

C. Just a little

D. Not at all

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