Quiz How Happy is Your Marriage?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 70
Quiz How Happy is Your Marriage?
Married couples often don't realize if they are happy or not. They take their marriage for granted and look like they don't have the time to stop and think how their marriage is going. If you're wondering how your marriage is going, take this quiz and see if you're happy and doing well.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you anxious to get home after work?

A. Yes, I am almost running to my home because I know my spouse is waiting for me.

B. Yes, I love seeing my spouse, but only if I don't have something else to do.

C. No, after work I do some shopping or have a drink with friends.

D. I try to stay at work late so I don't have to see my spouse.

2. Do you buy gifts for your partner?

A. I buy gifts very often.

B. Yes, every birthday and anniversaries.

C. No, I put money on his bill for these occasions.

D. No, we stopped buying gifts.

3. Do you talk to your partner every day?

A. Yes, we spend more than an hour to talk about everyday things.

B. Yes, but only for kids and groceries.

C. We talk if we have to.

D. My partner is talking but I am not listening.

4. Is your partner included in the plans for your future?

A. Yes, we have already planned where we will travel after retirement.

B. Yes, but only in some.

C. I don't plan, if something happens and we are still together, he will be included.

D. I don't plan my future with my spouse.

5. Do you have a smile on your face when you think of your spouse?

A. Only if I remember some funny moments.

B. No, I see my spouse as a serious person.

C. No, never.

D. Yes, even now I am grinning.

6.  Do you include your partner in your social activities?

A. Yes, in every activity. We are always together outside the home.

B. Yes, but only in activities that he/she is interested in.

C. No, I don't want to do social activities with my partner outside the home, we see each other enough.

D. I don't have social activities outside the home.

7. Do you remember your first date?

A. Yes, I remember every single moment, even the clothes we wore and the smell of his perfume

B. I remember we were in a club, but can't remember when or how we met.

C. It was a long time ago, but I remember it was winter.

D. No.

8. How often you initialize sex with your spouse?

A. We often have sex. I don't know who starts it more often, probably the same.

B. I initialize more often, and we have sex two times a week.

C. I do not initialize sex, my spouse does that and I try to avoid it.

D. We didn't have sex in a while.

9. Do you think of your partner when you are at work?

A. My partner is always on my mind.

B. Not unless I have to call him for something.

C. Not until he calls me.

D. No, I try to relax when we are not together.

10. Do your friends tell you that you look different since you got married?

A. Yes, they say I am radiant and look younger.

B. No, they haven't said anything.

C. Yes, they say I look tired.

D. I don't go out with friends since marriage.

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