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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 421
 Does She Want to Kiss Me Quiz?
Do you feel that a particular lady wants to kiss you, but you are unsure because she hasn’t come out plain? Many signs tell you that a lady wants to kiss you, and this is because ladies have different ways of expressing themselves if they want something. If you have been confused about this before, take the does she want to kiss me quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does she show her interest in kissing you through her body language?

A. There are no signals from her.

B. She behaves like she wants to, then she pulls back again. I’m confused.

C. Yes, all the time when we are together.

2. Does she stare at your lips?

A. Sometimes, but I don’t understand her.

B. Yes, at every given opportunity she gets.

C. I have never taken note of that.

3. Does she give communication signals?

A. She would rather not.

B. It’s kind of rare, but yes.

C. All the time when we’re together.

4. Has she talked about it during your conversations?

A. She’s a very shy person she'd rather not say.

B. Never

C. Yes., she does that on every given opportunity.

5. Does she stare at you seductively?

A. All the time.

B. On rare occasions.

C. I have never observed such a look.

6. Does she try to touch you?

A. No! She avoids every move I make.

B. She would always rub my head when we were together.

C. She attempts to touch me sometimes.

7. Does she ever attempt to kiss you?

A. She has never tried to kiss me.

B. She could have tried to, but she’s too shy to make any attempt.

C. She brings her lips closer to mine but moves away afterwards.

8. Do you think she wants to kiss you?

A. She behaves like she wants to at some point then refrains afterwards.

B. She wants to but does not know how to make her intentions known.

C. I don’t think so, she’s not a romantic person.

9. Does she always want to be around you?

A. Sometimes, but she doesn’t say it directly.

B. All the time.

C. She has never mentioned it.

10. Does she try to seduce you?

A. Never.

B. Once in a while.

C. Yes!

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