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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 175
 Do You Like Age Gap Relationships Quiz?
Age gap relationships are seen as both exciting or controversial by most people. Reasons may differ from person to person, but the main reason as to why people find issues with age gap relationships is obviously the age difference. rnMost people in their relationships date and marry those who are around their age group. However, with the controversy aside, age gap relationships thrive and many couples are happy with their differences. rnHave you been questioning whether or not you may seem interested in an older partner? This quiz will help you determine if you are the candidate for an age gap relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your opinion of having an older or younger partner?

A. I think they are extremely attractive and ideal for a relationship

B. I think they are decent and could make my life good

C. I think it's not ideal and a bit uncomfortable

2. Do you think someone who has a parental/child-like personality is good for a relationship?

A. Yes

B. Possibly

C. No

3. In the relationship, would you like to be treated with reverence or in a childlike manner?

A. Yes

B. Somewhat

C. No

4. What is one of the most ideal relationship aspects?

A. Having an older and more trustworthy partner

B. Having a partner who protects me and looks out for me

C. Having a partner who is at my level and is more vivacious

5. In the relationship, would you prefer one partner takes most of the responsibilities?

A. Yes

B. Somewhat

C. No

6. What does your partner look like?

A. Visibly older, tall, mature, old-fashioned

B. Slightly more mature and collected

C. My age and how I look

7. What is your ideal age gap preference?

A. I prefer someone who is 15+ years older than me

B. I prefer someone who is 7-10 years older than me

C. I prefer someone who is 1-6 years older than me

8. What interests does your partner hold?

A. Interests that are different from the ones me and my friends have

B. Interests that are a mixture of new things and things I’m familiar with

C. Interests that similar to mine

9. What genre of music does your partner like?

A. Country or anything older

B. Rock or alternative

C. Pop or anything recent

10. How do you see yourself emotionally in an age gap relationship?

A. I see myself as happy and excited

B. I see myself as neutral and at ease

C. I see myself as unhappy and not sure

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