Premarital Quiz Before You Say "I Do"

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2228
Premarital Quiz Before You Say u201cI Dou201d
Are you ready for marriage? A lot of people get to the wedding day without even knowing they are not ready for making the big step. Not being ready, however, is completely normal. You shouldn't rush the wedding and you should pick the right partner. Marry the person who suits you completely, and if you're not sure if he's the one and if you're ready for marriage, take this quiz and find out:

Questions Excerpt

1. Is your career important to both of you?

A. I don't know what he does for a living.

B. Yes, to both of us. We both have a career and support each other.

C. I love my career, but he is interested in his.

D. He has a career but I am not very fond of it.

2. Has your partner ever cheated on you?

A. No, never.

B. I don't think so, but it's always possible.

C. Yes, but that was a long time ago.

D. Yes, a couple of times, but nothing serious.

3. Have you ever talked about having children?

A. Yes, we agreed to it a long time ago.

B. Yes, and I am completely in love with the idea of having children together, but my partner has never said that he loves kids.

C. Yes, and the debate is still on the table. I might convince him soon.

D. No, we will think of it someday.

4. How long have you been together?

A. More than 2 years.

B. One year.

C. On and off, for 2 years. Mostly off.

D. We just met.

5. How often do you argue?

A. Once or twice a month, but it's mostly conversation, not fighting.

B. A couple of times a week, but we settle very fast.

C. Almost every day, but never bad fights or insults.

D. Very often, and we don't talk for days.

6. Have you ever imagined being married to your partner?

A. Yes, every day.

B. I imagine it, but I am a little afraid to do it.

C. I don't imagine marriage.

D. Yes, I have and I am not very happy about it.

7. Is your partner the first person you call when you're in trouble or have great news?

A. Yes, I call my partner first, then others.

B. I call my mom first, then my partner.

C. I don't call when I am having a bad day, he makes me even sadder.

D. No, I keep things to myself.

8. How would you describe your partner?

A. Sensitive, loving, caring, funny.

B. Original, foolish, charming.

C. Just a normal person.

D. Nothing special compared to others.

9. Is your partner supportive when you have a conflict with others?

A. Yes even if I am not right. He tells me later on if am wrong.

B. Yes, but only if he thinks I am right.

C. He is never taking sides.

D. He never supports me.

10. Do you daydream about your partner?

A. Yes, almost every day.

B. Sometimes, I can see us in distant future.

C. I daydream but not about things related to my partner.

D. Never.

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