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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 50 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
My Husband Is Emotionally Abusive
Do you love your husband but feel like something is off? Do you feel like anything you do is not enough? Sometimes people wake up one day and realize that they have fallen out of love with their spouse. Yet sometimes, people get dragged into a bit more sinister behavior without recognizing it on time. Take this “Is my husband emotionally abusive?” quiz to find out if your spouse exhibits abusive behavior.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you and your husband argue, he tends to:

A. call you names.

B. acknowledge your point of view but does not avoid disagreements.

C. be polite and generally avoid arguing.

2. When talking to you, your husband:

A. has a special nickname for you, which you consider derogatory, but he claims he says it “with love.”

B. uses a sweet nickname for you, which makes you feel equal to him.

C. never uses a nickname for you.

3. You accidentally broke a plate. Your husband:

A. says: “Are you hurt? I will clean that up.”

B. says: “Why are you always so clumsy?”

C. just looks at the debris and says nothing.

4. You and your husband watch a documentary together. What happens after it finishes?

A. You two engage in a deeper conversation and analysis of the topic.

B. He leaves the room right after.

C. You put some comments on the topic, but he says you do not understand it enough and changes the subject.

5. You and your husband are late for an event. While waiting for a bus to come, in the crowd, he:

A. appears to be calm and unaffected.

B. is worried if the bus would come soon, but excited to be going out with you.

C. says loudly: “Look at you. What are you wearing? You look ridiculous.”

6. You say you would like to start a course in painting. Your husband:

A. says: “Good for you. Whatever you like.”

B. thinks you are wasting your time in vain with unnecessary hobbies.

C. is supportive and cannot wait to see your first painting.

7. You do not like to remember an embarrassing situation to which your husband also witnessed. He:

A. does not miss a chance to remind you of that.

B. treats you with respect and never mentions that.

C. makes mean comments from time to time that only you know what he is talking about.

8. You were chosen among the first three persons in a competition. Your husband:

A. says ironically “Bravo” and never mentions it again.

B. claims that he taught you everything and that you won thanks to him.

C. is proud of you and tells everyone about it.

9. You went to an all-girls party with your friends. Your husband:

A. shows up unexpectedly to surprise you.

B. wishes you a good time and offers to pick you up when the party finishes.

C. wants you to leave as soon as possible

10. When it comes to the digital world:

A. your husband has no idea who you communicate with, and you have no access to his profiles, texts, or emails.

B. your husband knows which services you use but does not pry.

C. your husband checks your phone and computer, or you have a feeling that he does.

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