Marriage Boot Camp: What is Your Biggest Relationship Issue?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3303
Marriage Boot Camp: What is Your Biggest Relationship Issue?
Do you and your partner often have little arguments that turn into serious fights? Do you often struggle financially to get by? Take this quiz to find out what your biggest relationship issue is, whether it is trust issues, money problems, miscommunication, or intimacy problems! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you spend quality time together?

A. Never

B. Very often

C. Rarely

D. Often

2. What is one of the rules in your relationship?

A. We don't have rules

B. We need to have sex at least three times a week

C. Always stay under budget

D. No friends of the opposite sex

3. How does your partner make you feel?

A. Alone

B. Frustrated

C. Stressed

D. Suspicious

4. What do you think is one of the biggest problems in your relationship?

A. Trust issues

B. Miscommunication

C. Lack of sex

D. Financial problems

5. Your partner goes to the bathroom and brings his/her phone. What do you think he/she is doing?

A. Listening to music

B. Chatting with another man/woman

C. Online shopping

D. Facebook stalking his/her ex

6. How often are you intimate with one another?

A. Rarely

B. Never

C. Very often

D. Often

7. When you look at your other friends’ relationships, what do you think?

A. They love each other more than we do

B. They have more and better sex than we do

C. They have more money than we do

D. They don't have as many issues as we do

8. You and your partner are in separate rooms. What are you doing on the computer?

A. Talking to a friend

B. Looking at photos of your ex

C. Online shopping

D. Reading my partner's emails

9. What do you and your partner often talk about?

A. Nothing

B. Intimacy problems

C. Money problems

D. People we find attractive

10. If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

A. His personality

B. His skills in bed

C. His income

D. His friends (of the opposite sex)

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