Is Your Man Marriage Material?

11 Questions | Total Attempts: 62
Is Your Man Marriage Material?
So you’re in love. You have butterflies just thinking about him. And he feels the same way about you. It’s so easy to let your imagination run away with you. But what if he isn’t “the one?” What if he ends up being “just another guy?” Is it worth the risk? Take this ‘Is your man marriage material’ quiz to find out.While your boyfriend might be excellent and your chemistry might be off-the-charts – not every man you date has the potential to be the man you marry. But how do you know when someone has the potential to be your husband? Love is a tricky thing. We may think we’re happy and content with the person we’ve chosen to be with, but there may be that nagging feeling that something is missing. This quiz will help you determine if the guy you love is marriage material.

Questions Excerpt

1. What’s his job situation and his income look like?

A. He has a fulfilling, well-paying job that enables him to support himself and still afford to make plans.

B. So strange, but he doesn't talk too much about his job.

C. Bad. He tells you he’s having a rough time and that he’ll have to focus on himself until he gets back on his feet.

2. You take your boyfriend to a family event. What does he do?

A. He canceled at the last minute and was unavailable the entire night. He didn't mention what came up.

B. He hardly ever spoke to anyone and preferred to spend his time playing games on his phone. Sometimes I wonder if he’s just a little shy when he’s in a crowd.

C. He really loves my parents! They are so close. I feel certain he’d be a loving father figure to our future family.

3. Does he come to you when he needs help?

A. Yes!

B. Sometimes, it depends on his mood.

C. No, never.

4. Do you two have mostly similar values?

A. Yes, we have a set of values that are core to us.

B. There is no need to agree on absolutely everything.

C. No, we are so different.

5. Does he do what he can to make your life easier?

A. Yes, all the time.

B. Just sometimes…

C. No, not at all.

6. Can he keep his cool in a crisis?

A. I don’t think so.

B. Yes, he is good at it.

C. I’m not sure. I haven't seen it yet. 

7. What kind of a superhero are you?

A. Option 1


C. Option 2


E. Option 3


. Option 4


. Option 5


8. Is he emotionally available? What do you think?

A. Yes, it seems obvious.

B. I’m not sure.

C. No, he is always nervous about that.

9. Has he ever cooked you dinner?

A. Yes, all the time! He is better than me as a cook!

B. Just pasta… Once or twice.

C. Haha, I wish! He is so lazy and untalented.

10. Can he handle conflict reasonably?

A. Yes, he is willing to handle it.

B. Not all the time. It depends. 

C. No, settling down is not his thing.

11. Are you two compatible sexually?

A. Not good. He’s very insensitive, and despite his promises to the contrary, he never seems to have time for me. I wonder whether there is someone else in his life.

B. Hell yeah! We have good sexual chemistry and the same level of desire for physical touch.

C. Occasionally, but I think sexual skills can be learned.

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