Am I marriage material quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 70
Am I marriage material quiz
Everybody thinks of marriage, even those who pretend they don’t. Marriage is extremely important to many people. It’s symbolic of many things, such as finding one’s true love and starting a family. Depending on your demographic culture, being married is the beginning of becoming a responsible person. Marriage is a lifetime investment, so it’s important who you invest in but also the kind of person you’re to be invested in. Taking the ‘Am I marriage material quiz’ will determine whether you’re worthy of being married or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. How good are you at compromising?

A. I do things my way

B. I do my best

C. I live for compromise

2. When was the last time you stayed up all night partying?

A. I’m partying right now

B. I have partied once within the whole year

C. It has been forever

3. Would you change for someone else?

A. Never

B. Maybe, I would try

C. No, but I’d try and make sure my actions do not affect them

4. What’s the one important thing in a relationship?

A. Sex

B. Friendship

C. Loyalty

5. Are you and your partner engaged?

A. No

B. We will be soon

C. Yes, we are

6. Do you have plans for yourself and your partner?

A. No, not really

B. Not yet, but it’ll come soon

C. Yes, a lot

7. Is your relationship stable?

A. No, it isn’t

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, it is solid

8. Do you mind cleaning?

A. I hate doing that

B. I don’t mind doing it

C. Cleaning is therapeutic

9. Do you feel ready to settle down?

A. I haven’t gotten my life together yet

B. I’m pretty close

C. I’m ever ready

10. Do you cheat a lot in relationships?

A. As much as I can

B. No, but thoughts about has crossed my mind

C. Never

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