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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 111 | Updated: May 31, 2022
 Is My Relationship Holding Me Back Quiz?

When you start a relationship, you usually expect it to improve your life, whether it's more emotional support or a partner to do fun things with. However, dating, at times, can be detrimental. So, it's critical to be aware of the signs that your relationship is holding you back in life. 

It can be difficult to separate your feelings for the person from how they are affecting your life, but there are times when you are better off living alone, no matter how much you like someone. If you are wondering about the role of your relationship in your life and how it is contributing, Is My Relationship Holding Me Back Quiz is here for you. 

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you know what their number one fear is?

A. Yes

B. I think so

C. No

2. Does your partner pay attention when you talk about your day?

A. Yes, they make a point of putting his phone away before asking questions

B. They pay attention, but they do not always remember

C. They are listening while they scroll through social media

3. What do they emphasize the most when they brag about you?

A. My intelligence

B. My appearance

C. Accomplishments and a sense of humor

4. Does it bother them that you are, in some ways, smarter than them?

A. It turns them on!

B. They pretend not to be, but they are

C. No, because I'd never let them find out

5. Is your partner the first person you want to tell when something big happens?

A. Yes

B. Depends what it is

C. No

6. Do they offer to step up and handle errands and domestic tasks for you if you have a tight deadline?

A. They don't offer without being asked, but if I ask, they’ll do anything

B. They will do those things if asked, but they are hesitant

C. They are not that type of partner

7. Do they discuss your individual long-term goals as frequently as they discuss your shared goals?

A. I don't have any goals that aren't completely shared

B. Yes, they want my dreams as much as they want his dreams or our dreams

C. I believe so, though not as frequently as their own, which is fair

8. Can they disagree with you respectfully on topics where disagreement is possible?

A. Usually, though sometimes their emotions get the best of them

B. Of course

C. Mostly, but there are some topics we just don't discuss anymore

9. Have they ever suggested that you change your hair or style?

A. They haven't, but when I do, they get excited

B. They have provided requested advice on the subject

C. Yes, and I did it

10. Lastly, do they brag about you to other people?

A. Yes, all the time, to an embarrassing extent

B. I believe so, yes

C. They occasionally tell people that how I am good looking

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