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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1779
 Is My Relationship Boring Quiz?

Are you feeling like your relationship has lost its spark? Do you find yourself wondering if your relationship is boring? Take our Is My Relationship Boring Quiz to find out!

This quiz will help you evaluate your relationship and determine if it's time to spice things up. With questions like "How often do you and your partner have sex?" and "Do you prefer spending time with friends and family over your partner?", you'll get a better understanding of where your relationship stands.

Don't settle for a boring relationship, take the quiz now and find out how to reignite the flame!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you and your partner still have sex often?

A. No, I shy away from sex more these days with him

B. Yeah, but I find it kind of lackluster

C. Yeah, even though it’s similar, I enjoy it

2. Do the little things your partner does irritate you?

A. Sometimes, but I don’t hold it against them

B. Nah, we all have our quirks

C. Yeah, and it’s annoying!

3. Do you prefer to spend time with your friends and family more than them?

A. Nah, friends are great, but I love him

B. Yeah, they’re so much easier to be around

C. Yeah, but I know I can come back to him

4. How do you handle conflicts with your partner?

A. We communicate and work through it together

B. We avoid conflict as much as possible

C. We argue and it often leads to unresolved issues

5. Do you feel emotionally supported by your partner?

A. Yes, they are always there for me

B. Sometimes, but not always

C. No, I feel like I have to handle things on my own

6. How do you show affection towards your partner?

A. Through physical touch and verbal affirmations

B. Through acts of service and quality time

C. I don't show affection as much as I should

7. Do you feel like your partner listens to you?

A. Yes, they actively listen and understand me

B. Mostly

C. No, I feel like they don't care about what I have to say

8. How do you prioritize your relationship with your partner?

A. It's one of my top priorities

B. It's important, but not my top priority

C. It's not a priority for me right now

9. Are you attentive towards your partner?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes I forget

C. Not as much as I used to be

10. Do you want to learn more about your partner?

A. Yes, even though we’ve been together for a while, I'm always learning new things

B. Not as much as I used to

C. No, I don’t find them interesting

11. Do you go out together?

A. Yeah, we still have dates

B. Yeah, and I just look at my phone most of the time

C. Nah, we spend more time at home

12. Do you see your future with them?

A. Yeah, I sure do!

B. Yeah, but I'm not sure what it is

C. Honestly, I don’t know the answer. I don’t think so

13. Do you want to change the relationship?

A. Yeah, change is good, but only healthy ones

B. I don’t know for sure

C. Nah, I'm too comfortable with what we have now

14. Do you talk about little things still?

A. Yeah, he loves to hear about my day

B. Yeah, but only cause we’ve always done that

C. I’m starting to run out of what to say to him

15. Do you like touching your partner?

A. Yeah, it makes me happy

B. Yeah, I find it comforting

C. Not as much as I used to

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