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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 2193
 Is My Husband a Sociopath Quiz?

Are you starting to question whether your husband might be a sociopath? Take our quiz to find out! Answer questions about your relationship and your partner's behavior to see if any red flags pop up. From how they handle conflicts to how they treat your personal growth, this "Is My Husband a Sociopath?" quiz covers a range of topics to help you determine if your husband's behavior is cause for concern. Don't wait any longer to find out if your husband is a sociopath - take the quiz now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have a hobby or the time to professionally perfect yourself?

A. No, there is no time or space for me to progress while I'm in a relationship.

B. Yes, I have many hobbies and I love to learn new things.

C. No, my partner does not approve of me spending too much time doing things without him.

2. How does your husband react when you disagree over something?

A. He gets angry and suspicious if I think or do something on my own.��

B. He respects my opinion, even if it is opposed to his.�

C. He likes everything to be his way.

3. Do you and your husband hang around with other people?

A. Only with my partner’s friends or my friends that he likes.

B. Yes, whenever we have time we love to hang around with other people.

C. That is rare, for some special occasion or with special people.

4. Has your partner ever tried to abuse you physically or emotionally?

A. Emotionally yes, and some very minor scuffles.

B. He had outbursts involving throwing things towards other people, but not me.

C. He is temperamental but he would never hurt me.

5. Has your husband ever tried to manipulate your feelings?

A. Yes, he does it all the time.

B. No. Never.�

C. Yes, but I don’t think he was trying to do that intentionally.

6. Does your husband often have emotional outbursts?

A. Whenever I oppose him.

B. No.

C. Yes, he has a bad temper.

7. How does your partner handle conflicts with others outside of the relationship?

A. They tend to avoid conflicts altogether

B. They become aggressive and confrontational.

C. They try to find a peaceful resolution

8. How does your partner handle stress or difficult situations?

A. They become withdrawn and distant

B. They become angry and lash out

C. They try to find healthy ways to cope

9. Does your partner respect your boundaries?

A. No, they often cross my boundaries without permission.

B. Yes, they always respect my boundaries.

C. They sometimes cross my boundaries, but it's not intentional

10. How does your partner handle disagreements about money?

A. They become defensive and controlling.

B. They are open to compromise and discussion.

C. They avoid talking about money altogether

11. What kind of relationship your husband has with your family and friends?

A. They don’t get along well.

B. They have a nice bonding.

C. They get along just fine but my husband rarely meets them.

12. Does your husband act strange when you need emotional support?

A. Yes, he never supports me.

B. He supports me all the time.

C. Yes, he rarely recognizes when I need his support but it's not his fault as he is mostly busy.

13. Does your partner make you feel guilty, often for no reason?

A. Yes, he tries to convince me that everything is my fault.

B. No, that never happens.

C. Yes, he makes me feel guilty sometimes.

14. Do you have friends apart from your relationships?

A. No, I have lost touch with all the friends that I had before I started dating him.

B. Of course, I have many friends.

C. I do have friends, but we are not so close anymore.

15. How does your husband act when you are happy?

A. He ignores it and instead tries to draws attention to himself

B. He feel happy too.�

C. He tries to put me down.�

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