Is My Ex a Narcissist Quiz

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Is My Ex a Narcissist Quiz
Narcissists feel a heightened sense of self-importance and often dismiss everyone else's feelings. They place their needs above all else, including those of their significant other.  If this sounds familiar, you may have dated a narcissist. It's no secret that dating a narcissist can be a challenge. People with narcissistic tendencies display toxic traits that include manipulating, gaslighting, and controlling their romantic partners. And your ex-partner's narcissism could've been the reason for the negativity in your past relationship. If you want to know the answer to the question, 'is my ex a narcissist,' take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What words would you use to describe your ex?

A. Selfish and manipulative.

B. Kind and caring.

C. Misguided and misunderstood.

2. Did your ex think the whole world revolves around them?

A. Sometimes it felt that way.

B. Not at all.

C. Very much so.

3. Who would you say was the most in control of the relationship?

A. Neither of us, as we were equal partners.

B. My ex definitely tried to be in charge.

C. I was more in control because he never seemed to care.

4. When you would talk to your ex about a tough day at work, how would they respond?

A. They would interrupt and make the conversation entirely about themselves.

B. They would listen intently and offer support and feedback.

C. They would somewhat listen but they would eventually tune out.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, would you say your ex rates themselves as a partner?

A. My ex is convinced there is nobody better and would certainly give themselves a 10.

B. My ex would rate themselves a solid 7.

C. My ex would likely say they are a 5 or lower.

6. When your ex was faced with criticism, how did they respond?

A. They were open to constructive criticism and willing to make changes.

B. They are incapable of handling criticism of any kind and would immediately get defensive.

C. They were usually pretty indifferent to criticism.

7. During arguments, how often would your ex gaslight you into believing you were in the wrong?

A. My ex would never gaslight me.

B. I felt that gaslighting was being done on occasion.

C. My ex would constantly gaslight me and make me question my logic and sanity.

8. Did your ex ever feel like you or others were jealous of their success?

A. They constantly accused others of being jealous of them even when that didn't seem to be the case.

B. Sometimes they would say that people were jealous of them.

C. My ex never really said things like that.

9. When you broke up, how did your ex handle it?

A. They were understandably upset and took some time to process the breakup.

B. They made up lies and talked bad about me to anyone who would listen.

C. They didn't seem to even care that we broke up.

10. Do you believe that your ex was faithful to you?

A. Yes, I believe that they were faithful.

B. No, they have cheated repeatedly and yet convinced me to stay somehow.

C. I never caught them cheating but I always had doubts.

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