Quiz: Is My Breakup Temporary?

10 Questions
Quiz: Is My Breakup Temporary?

Some splits could last forever while others could just be a temporary break from each other. Regardless, defining where exactly the relationship stands at any point in a break up will determine whether you’ll move in back with your partner or not. 

If you so much want to figure out whether your break is temporary or not, take this ‘ is your breakup temporary quiz’  for certainty.

Questions Excerpt

1. Where did your last fight your partner take place?

A. During vacation in front of some friends

B. At their place

C. We rarely fight

2. Who among you orchestrated the break up?

A. They broke up with me

B. I broke up with them

C. It was kinda mutual

3. Do you still like them?

A. It doesn’t seem like I do

B. I do but my trust has dwindled

C. I definitely do

4. Is this your first ever break up with this person?

A. Yes this is our first

B. Not really as we ended texting right away again

C. No, we’ve broken up severally

5. How did you feel when you two broke up?

A. I think we both anticipated it happening

B. It was scary and sad

C. Loud and angry on the watch of everyone

6. Why do you want to get back with them?

A. You two looked good together

B. You feel lonely without them

C. There’s absolutely nobody you see your future it’s

7. Were you given ample attention prior to the breakup?

A. My partner was way more into me

B. Attention wasn’t the problem

C. My partner was unstable with his attention

8. How bad was your breakup?

A. It was the painful thing I’ve ever felt

B. My break up was pretty bad

C. It was normal

9. Was the relationship long distance?

A. Yes it was

B. Sometimes

C. No, it wasn’t

10. Would you like to get back together with your ex?

A. Not at all

B. Maybe I’ll give it a try again

C. Certainly

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