How Strong Is Your Marriage or Relationship?

4 Questions | Total Attempts: 28
How Strong Is Your Marriage or Relationship?

Questions Excerpt

1. Your spouse/partner comes home from work in a bad mood. You handle it by…

A. Ignoring it. nothing will get you down!

B. Telling them to “cheer up!” as they are bringing you down

C. Offer to make whatever they want for dinner

D. Ask questions about how they are feeling and reflect back what they are saying and that it sounds hard

2. You and your spouse/partner really disagree on how to discipline your child. You…

A. Ignore the issue since you can't agree

B. Demand your way is right, otherwise nothing will be decided

C. Have an open dialogue and discussion until you can come to an agreement

D. Concede to what your partner wants. Some battles are not worth fighting

3. Your spouse’s/partner's birthday is coming up. You…

A. Plan something small and intimate, who has the time anyway?

B. Plan something big and surprising…who doesn’t love a surprise?

C. Try to fish for info to find out what he or she wants to do, so you can plan accordingly

D. Ask your partner how they are feeling about their upcoming birthday, and if they have an idea of what they would like

4. When there are a lot of errands on your plate, you and your partner/spouse…

A. Say “what errands? we'd rather relax and watch TV!”

B. Tet stressed, yell, take it out on each other and overlap on tasks

C. Talk about what needs to be done, who is doing what, and write it out in a list

D. Try to each take on some of the responsibilities, but sometimes you both end up doing the same thing and skipping others

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