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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 29 | Updated: Jan 31, 2024
How Strong Is Your Marriage or Relationship Quiz

Ever wonder about the strength of your bond? Take our 'How Strong Is Your Marriage or Relationship Quiz'! It's a quick, engaging way to explore the depth and resilience of your connection. Whether you're in a new relationship or a long-term marriage, this quiz offers fun insights into your partnership.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your spouse/partner comes home from work in a bad mood. You handle it by…

A. Ignoring it. They'll handle it themself!

B. Offering to make whatever they want for dinner

C. Asking questions about how they are feeling and reflecting back what they are said

2. You and your spouse/partner really disagree on how to discipline your child. You…

A. Ignore the issue since we can't agree

B. Have an open dialogue and discussion until we can come to an agreement

C. Try to make my partner understand why I might be right in the case

3. Your spouse’s/partner's birthday is coming up. You…

A. Will ask them what they want for their birthday. I don't have time to plan surprises.

B. Plan something meaningful and surprising

C. Plan something small and intimate with whatever resources I have

4. When there are a lot of errands on your plate, you and your partner/spouse…

A. Get stressed, yell, take it out on each other and overlap on tasks

B. Talk about what needs to be done, who is doing what, and write it out in a list

C. Try to each take on some of the responsibilities, but sometimes we both end up doing the same thing and skipping others

5. When discussing future plans, like vacations or life goals, you and your partner…

A. Rarely discuss these topics; we live day by day

B. Have detailed discussions and make plans together

C. Occasionally talk about it, but often have different views

6. How do you handle financial decisions?

A. We argue a lot and can't agree on spending

B. We discuss and make decisions together

C. We try to discuss, but usually, one of us makes the final decision

7. When you're feeling down, your partner…

A. Doesn't seem to notice or care much

B. Listens and provides comfort and support

C. Tries to help, but doesn't always understand what I need

8. How do you celebrate each other's successes?

A. We don't really celebrate; it's not a big deal

B. We celebrate together and feel proud of each other

C. We acknowledge it, but don't make a big fuss

9. When it comes to household chores…

A. We argue about who should do what

B. We have a fair system and work together

C. We try to split them, but it's not always even

10. How do you resolve conflicts?

A. We often give each other the silent treatment

B. We talk it out and find a compromise

C. We try to talk, but sometimes end up arguing

11. When it comes to spending time with each other's families…

A. We avoid it; it's too stressful

B. We enjoy it and make an effort to bond

C. We do it, but it can be a bit awkward

12. How do you feel about your partner's hobbies and interests?

A. I don't really care for them

B. I support and encourage them

C. I'm indifferent, but I don't mind them

13. When making big life decisions…

A. We usually disagree and struggle to find common ground

B. We discuss and decide together, considering each other's views

C. We make our own decisions, sometimes without consulting the other

14. How do you communicate during a busy day?

A. We barely talk or check in with each other

B. We make sure to touch base, even if it's brief

C. We try to communicate, but often miss each other's messages

15. When it comes to intimacy and affection…

A. It's rare or feels forced

B. We regularly show affection and are intimate

C. We're affectionate, but sometimes it feels routine

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