Quiz: How Metrosexual Are You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 121
Quiz: How Metrosexual Are You?
Many men are more excited about how they look than anything. You're probably metrosexual if you are the man who worries obsessively about his appearance and spends more time dressing and prepping than an average girl or lady. Metrosexuals are groomed and gorgeous and take the utmost care when choosing fashion accessories. Take the 'How metrosexual are you quiz 'to identify which level of metrosexuality you're on.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you like to dress up?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Yes, on special occasions

C. No, not really

2. What do you groom?

A. Everything humanly possible

B. Facial hair and hair

C. I don’t care

3. Are you obsessed about the brand of clothes you wear?

A. Absolutely yes

B. Absolutely no

C. Brands do not concern me

4. Under which circumstances would you not go out?

A. When my hair isn’t done

B. My bath is essential

C. It’s not a big deal for me

5. What are the contents of your washroom?

A. A complete men set

B. A shaving cream and razor

C. A razor

6. How do you normally shave?

A. I shave with a cream, and then moisturize after

B. With shaving cream and razor

C. I shave dry

7. How long do you spend preparing for an outing?

A. Close to two hours

B. A little over 30 minutes

C. 15 minutes tops

8. How do you feel about acne?

A. It freaks me

B. It’s terrible but okay

C. Acne is part of our life

9. Where do you usually get your hair done?

A. At the beauty salon

B. A barber around the corner

C. I shave myself

10. What’s a good day for you?

A. A full day booked spa

B. A casual outing

C. Netflix and chill

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