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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 86 | Updated: Dec 06, 2022
 How Happy Are You in Your Relationship Quiz?

Most relationships tend to begin on a high note with both the partners feeling deep love and ecstasy. 

But, as time advances and couples face unforeseen challenges, some relationships begin to lose their charm.

So, how happy are you in your relationship? To know the answer and assess your relationship, take this simple and quick ‘How Happy Are You in Your Relationship Quiz.’

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you enjoy spending time with your partner?

A. Very much

B. Not much

C. Not always, but most times

2. Do you share any common interests with your partner?

A. We have so much in common/Not many, but we enjoy our differences

B. No

C. A few

3. How often do you fight with your partner?

A. Always

B. Rarely

C. Occasionally

4. Do you lie or hide things from your partner?

A. Yes, I have no other option!

B. No/Rarely

C. Occasionally

5. Do you ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated in your relationship?

A. No

B. At times, but not always

C. At all times

6. Do you feel that you deserve better than your current relationship?

A. Yes, I definitely deserve better

B. No, things are going great!

C. No, but sometimes I tend to rethink my relationship

7. How easily can you communicate with your partner?

A. Very easily

B. It’s tough

C. It is not that easy, but not very tough either

8. Do you ever feel your relationship with your partner is toxic?

A. Always

B. Sometimes/Rarely

C. Not at all

9. Are you happy with the physical intimacy you share with your partner?

A. Absolutely

B. Yes, I think it’s okay

C. No

10. Do you truly love your partner?

A. I think yes, but sometimes I doubt it

B. No/I don’t think I truly love them

C. Yes, very much

11. Are you still very intimate with your spouse?

A. Yes, of course

B. Only 50% of the time

C. Not really

12. Are you very emotionally close to your spouse?

A. Yes, still very close

B. 50% of the time

C. Not really

13. Do you think you easily listen to one another?

A. Yes, of course

B. Only when we share similar interests

C. No, we never listen to each other

14. Is money the source of the problems in your marriage?

A. Yes, definitely

B. It used to be but not anymore as we both have own money

C. Money has never been a problem between us

15. Do you have any issues doing things together during weekends?

A. No, not at all

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

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