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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 59
How Empathic Is Your Relationship Quiz
Empathy allows us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and it is important in relationships. If your relationship is empathetic, you and your partner will care deeply for each other and show a great deal of concern for one another. Take this quiz to find out how empathetic is your relationship.On the other hand, a lack of empathy can lead to a difficulty connecting with each other and understanding each other’s needs and feelings.Take our quiz to learn how empathetic your relationship is.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you notice when your significant other is having a bad day?

A. Always. I can read them like an open book, and I instantly know if something is wrong.

B. Never. I feel like I don’t know what’s on their mind.

C. Sometimes I can tell, but they can hide it pretty well at times.

2. How often do you go out of your way to make your partner happy?

A. I try to do little things daily to make them happy, whether it’s grabbing their favorite coffee when I’m out or taking their dirty dishes to the sink.

B. I occasionally do nice things, especially if things are going well in the relationship.

C. I reserve this type of thing for special occasions, like their birthday.

3. If your partner were seriously sick, would you be willing to give up a night out with friends to stay in and care for them? 

A. No way! I deserve my free time.

B. They’re the most important person in my life. I can give up one night out. My friends will understand.

C. I would ask them if they’re still okay with me going out. If they wanted me to stay home, I would.

4. To what extent would you agree with the following statement: My partner and I make sacrifices for each other when necessary. 

A. Completely agree! We go out of our way to make the other happy and ensure that each other’s needs are met.

B. I tend to disagree. We can both be pretty set in our ways, and we have disagreements when our needs or preferences are different.

C. We sometimes make sacrifices for each other but occasionally butt heads over differences of opinion or differing needs.

5. You and your partner have different ideas about how you’d like to spend the holidays. How do you end up resolving the disagreement?

A. It turns into a heated argument, and we end up spending the holidays separately, or we end up spending them together, with one of us resenting the other because we’re unhappy with the final plans.

B. We happily compromise. If needed, one of us is always willing to give up our first choice to make the other happy.

C. We discuss the situation and eventually arrive at a compromise, although we may have some disagreements over how we’d like the holidays to look.

6. Would you ever see a movie you had no interest in seeing if your partner was excited about it?

A. Yes, compromise is part of a relationship, and I know my partner would do the same for me.

B. If they couldn’t find anyone else to go with them, I would. Or, I might suggest we wait until it comes out on video so we could watch it at home and I could find something else to do to keep me occupied during the movie.

C. No, they can find friends to go with them.

7. How confident are you that you know what makes your partner happy? 

A. Honestly, sometimes I don’t know what makes them happy.

B. Extremely confident! I know all of my partner’s favorite hobbies, movies, foods, and music.

C. I am usually pretty good at knowing what makes them happy, but sometimes I get it wrong.

8. If your significant other were going through a stressful situation at work, how would you respond?

A. I’d do whatever I could to support them and even offer solutions if I could.

B. I’d listen to them talk; I understand work can be stressful.

C. I’d get annoyed hearing about it after a while. Work is never fun, and they should just learn to deal with it.

9. Do you agree or disagree that your partner should always see things from your point of view?

A. Agree! They’re my partner, after all. They should always see things my way!

B. Disagree. Even though we love each other, we can have differences of opinion and work through it. That’s part of life!

C. I’m neutral toward this statement. They should mostly see things from my point of view, but maybe we see the world differently at times.

10. You are inside watching your favorite TV show and notice your partner struggling to bring in the groceries. What do you do?

A. Go outside and help them, of course! We’re a team.

B. Keep watching my show. I do enough around the house. They can bring the groceries in once in a while.

C. Depending on how engrossed I am in my show, I may or may not go out and help.

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