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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 18 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Are You in a Tumultuous Relationship Quiz
Are you at a stage in your relationship where things seem tricky and taxing to deal with?  If you are struggling in your relationship, you must know that you are not in this alone. Most people go through such phases, get over it, and learn from the experience. You can either choose the ideal way out, which is to talk things out peacefully, or just get some time off the relationship, and think it over. Maintaining a healthy flow of conversations really helps relationships bloom brightly. Take this Are You in a Tumultuous Relationship quiz to know if you are in a tumultuous relationship. rn

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you been cold to each other recently or presently?

A. Yes 

B. Not at all 

2. How often do you help each other with domestic chores?

A. As often as possible

B. We do our chores separately 

3. How much do you hate taking care of another person’s illness?

A. To the brim 

B.  I don’t hate it at all

4.  Have your partner or you ever been violent to each other?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. Not a question

5. Is there a boss in the relationship?

A. Yes, I am/ they are 

B. We want each of us to be happy 

6. Has anyone of you made or have ever felt uncomfortable with each other in a public space?

A. Yes, we both have 

B. Not as yet 

7. Are you friends with some of each other’s friends?

A. None 

B. Yes, but at a distance

8. Do you ever get jealous of each other’s professional success?

A. Sometimes, but not in a negative way 

B. Extremely

9. Who pays the bills?

A. They do/ I do

B. We have divided our roles

10. Do you think about love or habit when you think about your romantic relationship(s)? 

A. I think about getting rid of this habit

B. I think about affection

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