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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 444 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How Do You Show Love?
We show love in different ways and knowing how we show love can be helpful to our relationships. If you understand how you show love, it can help you find compatible partners, and it can help you explain your feelings to them better. Learning how your partner, friends, family, or other loved ones show love will help you navigate your relationships.

Questions Excerpt

1. You want to show your best friend how much you appreciate them, what do you do to show it?

A. I write them a list of all the things I love about them

B. I find the perfect gift for them, something that they have always wanted even if they did not know it.

C. I give them the best hug imaginable

D. I do a bunch of their least favorite chores so they don’t have to

2. Your best friend is going through a tough time, what do you do to cheer them up?

A. I buy them a little knick-knack, it may not be much but it’s exactly perfect for them.

B. I tell them why they are great and read it out to them.

C. I go grab some things they need from the grocery store and see if they need me to do anything for them. I wanna make sure they are taking care of their everyday needs

D. I go over and hug them and let them cry on my shoulder as long as they need

3. You would feel most comfortable…

A. Giving the person I love a passionate kiss

B. Getting my partner a heartfelt gift for them to have forever

C. Telling my partner I love and care about them

D. Making dinner for my partner

4. You are planning a romantic evening, what do you have in store?

A. Candles, chocolate, wine, and a special surprise gift my partner has been hoping for

B. I’d start it off with a letter, then sing the song I wrote especially for them to declare my love.

C. A night of fantastic lovemaking ;)

D. I’d do all of their chores, then make them dinner, do dishes and massage their feet.

5. Which song speaks to how you express love?

A. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend- Jule Styne and Leo Robin

B. Drunk in Love – Beyoncé

C. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

D. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers

6. You were rude to your mother and need to apologize, how do you show you are sorry and love her very much?

A. I hug her

B. I tell her I am sorry and really mean it

C. I buy her an apology bouquet of flowers

D. I do all the chores to prove that I really am sorry

7. Your friend has to move across the country. What do you do to show you care?

A. Care packages. They are literally called care packages

B. We call and talk every single day

C. Well, obviously I hug them a ton before they go and we try to visit whenever we can

D. I make sure they know I am there to edit any of their emails

8. You are staying at someone’s house for the weekend. What do you do to thank them?

A. I cook them a meal and clean the house

B. I write them a thank you note

C. Buy them a bottle of wine

D. I offer them a massage

9. You see someone, and it might just be love at first sight, how do you get them to notice you?

A. I buy them a drink

B. I come out with my best lines

C. I go over and flirtatiously touch their arm

D. I offer to watch their stuff and get a cab to the next place

10. Someone gets a little peeved at you when you were trying to be kind, why most likely?

A. I was stepping in to take over some of their work and they did not want me to

B. I keep getting them presents and they feel awkward about it now

C. I tell them I care about them too much and too often, they wish I could just cool |

D. They think I am a bit too touchy

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