What Is The Definition Of Love Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 243 | Updated: Mar 30, 2023
 What Is the Definition of Love Quiz?

Every person has their own definition of love. Some people see it as an eternal feeling, appearing in a second and lasting for a lifetime. Others consider it a divine revelation, the noblest feeling. Another view on love is that such an experience is able to teach you all kinds of things about life – the accent falls on the process rather than on abstractions. Eventually, love is also seen as a consuming passion, which is hard to stop, but also destructive at times. Let’s see what your definition of love is – take our quiz now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

A. Yes, it's part of human destiny

B. Yes, it is like a revelation

C. Not necessarily, love appears and strengthens in time

D. Well, it happens because it is human nature

2. What is the role of conflicts in a relationship?

A. To take the relationship where it is destined

B. I think they have a bad role

C. To teach people something

D. To start the war and fuel the passion

3. If a kid asked you what love is, what would you tell them?

A. It is part of our destiny

B. It is a gift from God

C. It is one of the most interesting life experiences

D. It is a trouble

4. Where would you look for a partner if you were single?

A. Anywhere

B. I wouldn’t need to look

C. At a personal development event

D. In a club

5. Do you think love is compulsory in a marriage?

A. Yes, I think every person has someone called "the one"

B. Yes, because this is how God let things on earth

C. Yes, because it is the first thing the two should have in common

D. Not necessarily, sometimes people can be united by friendship or other common interest

6. Would you give up on someone who has cheated on you?

A. Yes, this means we are not meant to be together

B. If we were married, no

C. Not necessarily, the experience could teach us something

D. Yes, because we would probably be in a permanent war afterward

7. What do you think about open relationships?

A. I don't believe in such a thing

B. It doesn't sound like the moral thing to do

C. It's something worth trying at some point in life

D. They sound exciting

8. Do you believe in eternal love?

A. Yes, if you find the right person

B. Yes, love can only be eternal

C. Not necessarily - a lasting relationship requires hard work

D. No, because passion is not eternal

9. How important is sex in a relationship?

A. Quite important

B. Important but not vital

C. Moderately important

D. No sex, no relationship at all

10. If you had trouble with your love life, where would you ask for help?

A. I would discuss it with my partner only

B. To a minister or pastor

C. To a therapist

D. To my best friends

11. Should there be terms and conditions in love?

A. Just one, to keep loving

B. Love is unconditional

C. Yes, some healthy ones

D. Not very stern ones

12. What do you think is the purpose of love?

A. To complete our lives

B. To let us follow the path of God

C. To feel content and satisfied

D. To enjoy our lives

13. What time do you prefer to have sex with your partner?

A. Night

B. When nobody’s home

C. Whenever it suits the both of us

D. Whenever I feel like it

14. What are your thoughts on marriage?

A. It’s blissful

B. A sacred bond

C. A part of life

D. A liability

15. How do you think a couple should treat each other?

A. Love each other a lot

B. With respect and care

C. Should value each other

D. Just keep each other satisfied

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