Why is Love important in Life? What’s most important in a Relationship?

Why is Love important in Life

In modern relationships, the word ‘love’ is used too much and often incorrectly. Saying these three words is not the only thing that is important – you should actually mean what you say.

Sometimes we forget what is really important because we think that love is the only reason to stay in a relationship. However, there are other values that are more necessary than love for a relationship to work.

Why is love important?

Love is a feeling that can bring positive energy to a discouraged soul. It can connect people and keep them close regardless of long distances. It can bridge hearts and make them want to live together.

Love can beat pain, sadness, revenge, envy, challenges, anger, and sufferings. One thing is certain – no one can live a happy life without love.

However, in these modern times, many people do not think about love in the right way. They express love by texting or sending emojis without backing it with real feelings which are not a good basis for a healthy, loving relationship.

What’s most important in a relationship?

The things important to you and which make you happy are what make the relationship meaningful.

Friendship and trust are a great basis for a healthy and fulfilling relationship along with the following factors.


Communication is the bloodline of any relationship

Communication is the bloodline of any relationship. Without quality communication, any relationship cannot survive.

It is imperative to express your love, set boundaries, express your needs, fix problems, and even to have a satisfying sexual relationship.

So if you are with someone with whom you cannot communicate or who doesn’t communicate with you, you will have to rectify that because without communication no amount of love will be able to give you a happy, healthy relationship.  


Trust is also very essential for a healthy relationship. Without trust, you will live a life of worry and hurt. If you cannot trust a person, then you cannot be in a relationship with them. Trust takes time and can be built gradually so if there is a lack of trust you can work on it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to end the relationship, but if even after some time you feel that you cannot trust your partner then it is better to get out of the relationship regardless of how much you love him.


Being honest and truthful is very important when it comes to relationships.

A relationship built on white lies and false hopes will only crumble in the end even if you love your partner deeply.

Being honest results in good communication which helps to strengthen various aspects of a relationship.


Happiness is something that everyone wants and deserves. However, you cannot be happy all the time. Similarly, relationships are not only rainbows and sunshine they have their downside too. But the happy times should clearly outweigh the sad times.

If you are not happy, it is time to move on.  


No volume of love is worth giving up the respect you deserve or compromising on your self-esteem.

Although love is important in a relationship, it is not a justification for disrespect or abuse. You can love someone who is not good for you, but you do not have to stay in a relationship with him.


If you are not safe in a relationship then no matter how much you love your partner you should get out of the relationship. Love will not save you from injury or death nor will it change the partner who is abusing you.  


You have to be free – free to be yourself, to do the things that you want, to have your own feelings and thoughts, to go places, to have a say in how you want to live your life while you are in a relationship.

You can, and you should include your partner in your decision, but the ultimate decision should be yours free from any pressures. Is it really worth staying in a relationship where you have to give up your freedom?


In a relationship both the partners are equal.

You are a whole person who is dating another whole person. You both need to come together as a team because if you do not have equality in a relationship, it can make you unhappy enough to destroy the relationship regardless there is great love or not.  


Loyalty acts as a building block of a lasting relationship.

If your partner does not have the loyalty to stay faithful to you then why would you stay in a relationship with him? You have to have the desire and commitment to the relationship to work.

All relationships are different, and most of the problems faced by couples are solvable. However, love is neither the only nor the most important ingredient.