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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 70 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How Bad Is Your Relationship?
When it comes to relationships not everyone is always a winner. Things might look good at once only to crumble down after a while. Why is that? It could be linked to some financial issues, trust issues or the fact that you simply realize that you have nothing in common. The bottom line is that reasons are multiple and in the end, you are either confronted with the choice of splitting up or work things out. So, how bad is your relationship? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you agree with your spouse/partner?

A. Almost never.

B. All the time.

C. Sometimes.

D. You can't remember of a time when you did agree with him/her.

2. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to your spouse?

A. Insult him/her.

B. Throw an object at him/her

C. Lie to him/her.

D. Ignore him/her.

3. How many people outside of the relationship are involved in the relationship?

A. Your whole family

B. Your best friend

C. Your sister

D. Only your mother

4. How long do you think you will last in that relationship?

A. Not long.

B. Less than a year.

C. At least 2 years.

D. Less than a month.

5. What does your family think about your relationship?

A. They hate it.

B. They don't have much to say because it's none of their business

C. They hate your spouse/partner.

D. They often fight with your spouse/partner

6. What lead you and your spouse to argue most of the time?

A. Money.

B. Lack of time for one another.

C. Difference in views.

D. Totally different personalities.

7. What do you think you have in common with your spouse/partner?

A. Nothing

B. Maybe a thing or two

C. Your careers

D. Your love for food

8. How many times do you think about him/her when you are away?

A. Never.

B. A few times a day

C. All day.

D. It's up to the point where you can't help yourself but call him/her.

9. Where do you take your other half out to, most of the time?

A. To eat

B. To watch a movie

C. To dance

D. You don't take that person out

10. What period of the relationship was the best according to you?

A. The first few months of the relationship because at least you were both nice to each other.

B. The first year because there were lesser fights.

C. The first weeks because the other person was always available.

D. The first five years because that's when your kids were born.

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