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10 Questions | Updated: Jun 01, 2023
 Does My Spouse Have ASD Quiz?

Are you ready to embark on this self-assessment journey and gain insights into the question, "Does My Spouse Have ASD?" 

Whether you're seeking validation for your suspicions, looking for guidance on how to support your spouse, or simply curious about the possibility of ASD, this quiz can help you gather useful information. 

So, if you're ready to explore the possibility of Autism Spectrum Disorder in your spouse and gain a better understanding of their behaviors, let's embark on the "Does My Spouse Have ASD" quiz and discover new insights together.

Questions Excerpt

1. How does your spouse handle changes in routine or unexpected events?

A. They become visibly distressed and find it challenging to adapt

B. It depends on the situation; sometimes they cope well, other times they struggle

C. They handle changes and unexpected events with ease

2. How well does your spouse handle unexpected changes in plans or deviations from routines?

A. They become highly distressed and find it challenging to adapt

B. It depends on the situation; they may struggle or cope reasonably well

C. They handle unexpected changes in plans or routines without significant difficulty

3. How well does your spouse understand sarcasm, irony, or figurative language?

A. They often struggle to comprehend such forms of communication

B. It varies; sometimes they understand, other times they miss the intended meaning

C. They generally understand and interpret such forms of communication well

4. Does your spouse have intense or specific interests that they spend a significant amount of time on?

A. Yes, they have one or more intense interests that dominate their focus

B. They have some hobbies or interests but not to an extreme extent

C. No, their interests are diverse and not excessively consuming

5. How does your spouse handle social gatherings or crowded environments?

A. They often feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable in such settings

B. It depends on the specific event; they may feel comfortable or overwhelmed

C. They are generally at ease and enjoy social gatherings

6. Does your spouse have difficulty empathizing with others or understanding their emotions?

A. Yes, they often struggle to empathize or understand others' emotions

B. Sometimes, they may find it challenging to fully grasp others' emotions

C. No, they are empathetic and able to understand others' emotions well

7. Does your spouse have difficulty understanding non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and body language?

A. Yes, they often struggle to interpret non-verbal cues

B. Sometimes, they may misinterpret certain non-verbal cues

C. No, they generally understand non-verbal cues well

8. Does your spouse struggle with initiating or maintaining conversations?

A. Yes, they find it challenging to start or sustain conversations

B. Sometimes, they may struggle in certain social situations

C. No, they are comfortable initiating and maintaining conversations

9. Does your spouse engage in repetitive behaviors, such as repetitive movements, speech, or rituals?

A. Yes, they frequently engage in repetitive behaviors

B. Occasionally, they display some repetitive behaviors

C. No, they do not engage in noticeable repetitive behaviors

10. How does your spouse handle sensory stimuli, such as noise, light, or textures?

A. They are very sensitive and often get overwhelmed by sensory input

B. They may be sensitive to certain stimuli but not excessively so

C. They have no significant sensitivities to sensory stimuli

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