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10 Questions
 Does My Partner Have God Complex Quiz?

A God complex is a psychological disorder characterized by an inflated sense of one's own importance, power, and knowledge. When someone has a God complex, they may believe that they are superior to others and that they should be in control of their relationships. 

People with God complexes often exhibit authoritarian behavior and may try to manipulate and dominate their partners. 

So, if you are worried that your partner has a God complex take this ‘Does My Partner Have God Complex Quiz’ and find out if it is for real or if you are overthinking.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner always talk about what they want and how they want things?

A. All the time

B. No / Not always

2. Would you call your partner boastful or pretentious?

A. Definitely

B. No / Maybe

3. If people appreciate you over your partner, your partner—

A. Sulks or gets really annoyed

B. They are okay with it/they don’t bother much

4. Does your partner have real friends?

A. Yes / Many

B. None / Hardly

5. In crucial decision-making, does your partner involve you?

A. Yes / Mostly

B. Never / Just for the heck of it, eventually, they’ll do what they want

6. Do you think your partner is a narcissist?

A. Yes

B. Maybe / No

7. Does your partner have a superiority complex?

A. Yes

B. Maybe / No

8. Does your partner try to control or manipulate you or others?

A. No / I don’t think so

B. Yes

9. Can your partner deal with failure?

A. Yes / They might get upset initially, but then they deal with it pretty well

B. Not at all, they go berserk

10. Can your partner accept their mistakes and say sorry?

A. In my dreams

B. Yes / Not always though

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