3 Catholic Marriage Preparation Questions To Ask Your Partner

Catholic Marriage Preparation Questions

If you are going to get married soon then you want to put some thought into the best Catholic wedding preparation. The more thought that you put into what your marriage will look like, the better it will serve you. This means that you are putting in some Catholic pre-marriage work and consideration so that the two of you are on the same page. The very best Catholic life marriage starts with a couple who is united by their faith.


In order to create this wonderful and healthy foundation of faith, you want to work together to answer the best Catholic marriage preparation questions. We look at some crucial marriage prep questions that can help to guide you throughout your marriage, unite you in faith and help your marriage last a lifetime.


Question 1: How are we going to focus on our faith together

You have to consider how the two of you will make your faith a focal point of the marriage. Consider what can unite the two of you and how you can turn to your religion in times of need. Think of what you can do to focus on your Catholic faith every day of your marriage.


Question 2: How will we raise our kids and instill religion into their lives?

One of the most important parts of Catholic pre-marriage preparation is to consider how you will handle a family. How will the two of you accept children and instill your faith into them? How can you ensure that your family is united in faith from the time that your children are born? These are important things to consider before you walk down the aisle.


Question 3: What will holidays be like and how can we create new traditions and faithful acts?

You must put thought into the everyday but also into the special occasions as part of Catholic wedding preparation. Think of what special traditions you will hold onto at holidays, and what you can create together. Consider how to honor your religion and bring it into all of the special times you share as a couple.


The more the two of you can work together in your Catholic wedding preparation and think of what your married life will be like, the better off it will serve you. The couple that prays and stays united in their faith is the couple that will enjoy happiness for a lifetime!