Am I an Ideal Partner Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 106
Am I an Ideal Partner Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you celebrate your partner on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries?

A. I plan a nice romantic night for just the two of us

B. I usually don't remember important dates so I don't acknowledge them

C. I give them a quick gift then go about my day

2. Would you describe yourself as reliable and trustworthy when you are in a relationship?

A. Yes, I am completely dedicated to my partner

B. Mostly, but there are moments that I'm not very proud of

C. No, I am not capable of being reliable and trustworthy

3. Your partner has had a rough week and wants to vent to you. How do you react?

A. Tell them you are too busy and don't have enough time for their problems

B. Listen intently to everything your partner wants to get off their chest

C. Let them talk for a little bit then start telling them all about your own struggles

4. How do you let your partner know that you love and respect them?

A. With physical touch and by showing my appreciation daily

B. I don't. My partner should already know how I feel

C. I occasionally tell my partner how I feel about them

5. How often do you make time in your schedule specifically for your partner?

A. I make it a priority to spend time with my partner as often as possible

B. Every now and then but I'm more focused on my own personal interests

C. I hardly make time for my partner at all

6. If your partner wants to go out with their friends, how do you react?

A. It's an instant argument. I don't want them hanging out with anyone except me

B. It's cool with me. Spending time with friends is normal and healthy

C. I don't really care what my partner does

7. Do you ever snoop on your partner by checking their phone or personal accounts?

A. I would never do that. I respect their privacy

B. I constantly check my partner's phone and online activity

C. I'm guilty of snooping from time to time

8. Do you ever say hurtful things to your partner during a disagreement?

A. No, I wouldn't stoop that low

B. I often hit below the belt and make hurtful remarks at my partner's expense

C. I do sometimes do that but I always apologize

9. Which word best describes you in a relationship?

A. Toxic

B. Indifferent

C. Loving

10. Do you get excited when you're with your partner?

A. No, I prefer being alone

B. Yes, I look forward to time together

C. Sometimes but not as often as I should

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