Do I need a therapist or psychologist?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 104
Do I need a therapist or psychologist?
Understanding the differences between the various types of mental health professionals can be confusing. It becomes even more so when you have a concern and wonder, “Do I need a therapist or psychologist?”. The answer may not be that simple, as it depends on your mental health, current life situation, and the source of your difficulties. By doing this quiz you can explore further which type of specialist would be more helpful for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel like you have difficulty controlling your emotions or that you are suppressing them, so they do not erupt?

A. Yes, I can recognize myself in one of these patterns.

B. Maybe a little bit, but I do not think that it affects my life negatively.

C. No, I have no problem expressing my emotions.

2. Do you have suicidal thoughts or practice self-harm?

A. I currently have such thoughts and may harm myself (or have done it in the past).

B. I may think about it sometimes, never consider it seriously though.

C. No, I love my life!

3. Do you recall a certain traumatic experience that you feel like you have not worked through and currently affects you?

A. I may recall such experiences, but another area of my life is my priority right now.

B. I can recall such experiences and feel like they are related to how I am right now.

C. I probably can, yet I do not think that it is influencing my life right now.

4. Do you want to discover more about how your past has influenced you in the present moment?

A. I would like to know more about a specific situation in the present moment.

B. Maybe, but I have no issues in my life right now.

C. I want to learn more about my past and how it is affecting my current life struggles.

5. What would you prefer: talking or completing psychological assessments?

A. Maybe talking, as it goes deeper into the subject and explores many topics.

B. Maybe completing assessments, as they address specific things and show exact results.

C. Any of those, I am not sure that I need anything to work through right now.

6. Do you sometimes have this intense feeling like you are going insane or are going to die without real danger?

A. I have felt one of these at a certain point of my life, yet it does not bother me right now.

B. Yes, it may appear out of the blue or especially after a very stressful situation.

C. I have only felt those in the face of real threat.

7. How have you been feeling recently?

A. I feel good overall, there are just a few minor things that are bothering me.

B. I feel a huge amount of internal pressure and am not sure how much I will be able to go on like this.

C. I feel calm and happy in my current life situation.

8. What is your main concern in life right now?

A. I have it all put together for the moment.

B. I have some concerns about a specific area of my life (career, education, etc.).

C. I want to feel better and function more effectively in all areas of my life.

9. Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition?

A. No. I am only stressed about something specific in my life currently.

B. No. I also feel very good at the current moment.

C. Yes. I feel that my symptoms get worse sometimes.

10. Do you struggle with addiction of any kind (alcohol, drugs, sex, hazard, internet, etc.)?

A. Yes, and I can feel the deep need for these things inside me.

B. No, but I may abuse some of these when under stress.

C. No, I rarely abuse any of these.

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