Are You Headed For A Divorce Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 62
Are You Headed For A Divorce Quiz
It’s very sad for someone to fall out of love of someone who they thought they loved. It is obvious that people decide to get married hoping they never get to divorce one day. But then, life and many other circumstances come in the way and show us that we were wrong about this person, and that we simply didn’t really know them. Most of the time, asking for a divorce is the most decent thing to Read more do, especially when the relationship has become very toxic. So, do you want a divorce? Take our quiz and find out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you sometimes think about what you would get if you ever filed for divorce?

A. Yes, you know you will get most assets

B. Yes, custody of the kids

C. Not really

D. No, you don't because you don't need to

2. Are you still in love with your spouse?

A. Yes, very much so

B. Not anymore

C. You love them but you are not in love with them

D. You don't know

3. Are you still attracted to your spouse?

A. Yes

B. No

C. It depends on your mood

D. Sometimes you are,other times you are not

4. Are you still cuddle with your spouse?

A. Yes, of course

B. Not really

C. Yes

D. No

5. Do you still go out together in public?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. No

D. You used to but not anymore

6. Are you still comfortable with sharing the same bed with your spouse?

A. Yes, very comfortable

B. Not really

C. Not anymore

D. No, not at all

7. How many times do you call each other every day?

A. Once

B. Twice

C. Three times

D. Never

8. When was your last fight?

A. Yesterday

B. A few hours ago

C. A few months ago

D. A few years ago

9. Do you still get along with your in-laws?

A. Most of the time you do

B. No, not anymore

C. Yes, of course

D. Sometimes

10. Do you sometimes threaten your spouse with wanting to file for a divorce

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. You've done so only once

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