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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 29757 | Updated: Sep 05, 2023
 Am I the Toxic One in the Relationship Quiz?

Relationships can be difficult, as it is a give-and-take between you and your partner. Relationships are a constant compromise between two people, and sometimes people aren’t ready to compromise on their goals in life. Are you feeling like you are bringing your partner down or that you are not contributing to your relationship substantially?

So, do you tend to ask yourself frequently, ‘Am I the toxic one in the relationship?’ If yes, take this quiz and get some answers.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you support your partner’s dreams and goals?

A. Yes, their goals are as important as my own

B. Sometimes, but I think my goals are more important

C. Not really; I don’t think their goals are interesting

D. Never, I only have time to focus on my goals and dreams

2. How often do you tell your partner that you love them?

A. Very often, every day!

B. Sometimes, a couple of times a week

C. Not really, maybe monthly or when I remember

D. Never, I do not tell them that I love them

3. Do you build your partner up with compliments or tear them down with insults?

A. Yes! I constantly compliment my partner

B. Yeah, I give them a compliment every once in a while

C. I don’t intend to, but sometimes they do get an earful of bad things

D. I don’t find anything compliment-worthy about them!

4. How often do you begin arguments with your partner?

A. Very often

B. Often

C. Rarely

D. Never

5. Which of the following behaviors could indicate that you might be the toxic one in a relationship?

A. Communicating openly and listening actively

B. Taking responsibility for your actions and apologizing when needed

C. Setting healthy boundaries and respecting your partner's boundaries

D. Frequently criticizing, belittling, or controlling your partner

6. What is a potential sign of toxic behavior in a relationship?

A. Showing empathy and understanding your partner's perspective

B. Encouraging your partner to pursue their interests and spend time with friends

C. Isolating your partner from their friends and family

D. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for your partner's efforts

7. How might toxic behavior affect your partner and the relationship?

A. By fostering trust, emotional intimacy, and a sense of security

B. By promoting open communication and conflict resolution

C. By causing emotional harm, eroding trust, and creating a hostile environment

D. By encouraging mutual growth and support in personal goals

8. Which action demonstrates a non-toxic approach to disagreements in a relationship?

A. Yelling, blaming, and refusing to listen to your partner's viewpoint

B. Taking time to cool off before discussing the issue calmly and respectfully

C. Discussing concerns privately and seeking compromises together

D. Acknowledging your mistakes and discussing potential solutions

9. What role does self-awareness play in determining if you're being toxic in a relationship?

A. Self-awareness is irrelevant in assessing toxic behavior

B. Self-awareness helps you understand your partner better without addressing your actions

C. Self-awareness enables you to recognize your behaviors and make positive changes

D. Self-awareness leads to blaming your partner for relationship issues

10. Do you like spending time with your partner?

A. Yes! I want to see them every day

B. Yes, but not every day

C. Sometimes, I also like my space

D. Never, I prefer to be alone

11. Do you spend time with your partner’s family?

A. Yes, we see their family as much as they want to

B. Sometimes, it is hard to make time for their family

C. Not very often, we see their family less and less

D. Not at all; we do not have time to see their family

12. Do you listen to your partner’s feelings and concerns?

A. Yes! Their feelings and concerns are important to me

B. Yeah, I listen when they come up

C. Sometimes, I don’t ask, but sometimes they just talk about them

D. No, I don’t have time to listen to their nonsense

13. Are you often frustrated with your partner or relationship?

A. No! We rarely fight with one another

B. Sometimes; we fight a couple of times a month

C. Yes, I find myself angry with them regularly

D. All the time! Everything they do makes me mad!

14. Do you engage in intimate moments with your partner?

A. Yes! I can’t keep my hands off them

B. Yeah, we are intimate regularly

C. Occasionally, I tend to postpone sex

D. No, never. I would prefer to do it myself

15. Do you yell or raise your voice at your partner?

A. Very often, I feel like I’m always yelling

B. Often, I feel like I can’t help it

C. Occasionally, I try to not yell usually

D. Never, I don’t think yelling is a good mode of communication

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