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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6465 | Updated: May 07, 2024
Am I A Toxic Girlfriend Quiz

Reflecting on personal behavior within a relationship can help determine if one's actions might be unintentionally harmful. The "Am I a Toxic Girlfriend?" quiz serves as a tool to assess whether certain behaviors might be negatively impacting your relationship. It explores whether tendencies like controlling behavior, dependency issues, or distrust are present, which could lead to strife and weaken your connection with your partner. By completing this quiz, you can gain insights into your actions and understand how they may affect your romantic relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you expect your boyfriend to spend all day with you?

A. Yes, that’s what it means to be a good boyfriend

B. Yes, I think he should set aside some days just for me

C. No, I think it’s healthy to have a little time apart from each other every day

2. Do you find yourself getting angry at him for small things?

A. Yes, gotta keep him on his toes!

B. Yes, but I’m not sure why I get so heated sometimes

C. No, I only get angry at him for good reason

3. Do you get jealous?

A. Only sometimes

B. Rarely

C. Very easily

4. Are you financially dependent on him?

A. Yes

B. A little bit

C. No

5. How often do you accuse him of cheating on you?

A. Very often- I’m sure he is!

B. Sometimes- you never know when he might be cheating

C. Never- i trust him completely

6. Did your previous relationships end badly?

A. Yes, almost all of them

B. Yes, some of them

C. No, none of them ended badly

7. Do you catch yourself being possessive sometimes?

A. Yes, very often

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, I don't think I’m a possessive person

8. Do you think your boyfriend should prioritize you over everything else?

A. Yes- if he wants me to be his girlfriend he better prioritize me

B. I don’t think my boyfriend should prioritize me all the time, but he should sometimes

C. No, i think there are things he should prioritize before me

9. Do you find yourself trying to change your boyfriend?

A. Yes, it’s for his own good

B. Sometimes, but only small changes

C. No, I don't think so

10. Do you feel like you’re always fighting him?

A. I’m always fighting him on one thing or the other 

B. We fight kinda often

C. We hardly fight over small issues

11. How do you react when your partner spends time with their friends?

A. I feel happy they're enjoying themselves

B. I get a bit jealous, but I don't say anything

C. I demand they spend more time with me instead

12. When you're upset with your partner, how do you handle the situation?

A. I try to discuss the issue calmly and directly

B. I sometimes give them the silent treatment to cool off

C. I ignore them until they apologize for upsetting me

13. How do you handle disagreements with your partner?

A. We talk through our issues and try to understand each other's points of view

B. I tend to hold back my thoughts to avoid conflict

C. I often insist I am right and dismiss their opinions

14. What's your approach to your partner's successes?

A. I celebrate their achievements and feel proud of them

B. I feel neutral, as their successes are their own

C. I often feel overshadowed and wish they wouldn't brag

15. How do you feel about your partner having personal hobbies or interests?

A. I encourage them to have their own interests

B. I feel left out sometimes, but I know it's important for them

C. I wish they would spend more of that time with me instead

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