Quiz: Am I Ready to Divorce My Husband?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1230
Quiz: Am I Ready to Divorce My Husband?

Deciding if and when you should file for divorce can be a very confusing and challenging time. If you are still holding out hope that things could work themselves out and you are not ready to file for divorce yet, it could be even more confusing. 

So, have you been mulling over, “Am I ready to divorce my husband?” If yes, take this quiz and get your answer!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these is the closest to how you feel?

A. I really don’t want a divorce; I hope we can work things out.

B. I do not know what I want.

C. I want to file for divorce, but I am not sure if I am making the right decision.

D. We both know there is no reconciling our differences.

2. Do you still have feelings for your husband?

A. Yes, I believe it is mutual

B. Yes, but I don’t know if he still does

C. Yes, but I know that he does not/ He has feelings for me, but I feel nothing!

D. No, we both feel nothing for each other

3. Do you and your husband have a true partnership and unified marriage?

A. Yes, I believe we do

B. We do sometimes

C. We are more like two individuals living together and meeting our own needs

D. No, we have never been truly unified as a couple

4. Do you feel like you are truly ready for divorce, or have you mentioned it in passing?

A. I don’t feel like I am ready for a divorce

B. I am threatening divorce to try to scare him into making things better

C. I have only threatened to file for a divorce, but I think he may really want it

D. I think I am ready for divorce finally

5. Have you carefully thought about filing for divorce, or is it just an emotional reaction?

A. I think it is just based on emotions right now

B. It is emotional, but I am sure of what I am doing

C. I have considered all my options and think divorce is best for both of us

D. I have prepared myself and feel divorce is the only option

6. Are you at peace with your decision and ready to handle all the messy aspects of divorce?

A. I am definitely not at peace with it; I am still trying to stop it from happening

B. I am not at peace with it or ready for it. I am still confused

C. I am at peace with my decision and hope I can handle it

D. I am prepared to handle everything to finally feel happy again

7. Has either one of you expressed the fear that your marriage is over?

A. Not that I am aware of

B. Sometimes

C. One of us

D. Both of us

8. Have you been tempted to cheat on your husband?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Yes, kind of

C. I’m not sure

D. No, not really

9. Has either of you hired an attorney?

A. Not that I am aware of

B. We both have mentioned it

C. One of us has

D. Both of us have

10. Do you look at other married couples with envy?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Yes, sometimes

C. I’m not sure

D. Not really

11. Is your wedding day still one of the happiest days of your life?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Yes, kind of

C. I’m not sure I feel that way

D. No, not really

12. Do you talk to your friends about the problems in your marriage?

A. Yes, I can’t help it

B. Yes, sometimes

C. Only when it is something important

D. Not really

13. Do you think that all marriages are doomed from the beginning?

A. Yes, I think marriages are suffocating and unnatural

B. Yes, sometimes I feel this way

C. I’m not sure

D. No, I think two people can make things better

14. Do you feel like you are both on the same page regarding your marriage/divorce?

A. We both still want to try work on making things better

B. Sometimes we both think that our relationship is over

C. Not at all; we are never on the same page!

D. I think we both know it is over

15. Have either of you or both of you attended therapy?

A. We are in marriage counseling

B. We both go individually/ We have never tried therapy

C. We would never like to try therapy

D. Counseling did not work for us

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