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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 4347 | Updated: Mar 07, 2024
Am I Nonbinary Quiz

Sexuality is not something that can be easily understood in a short time. The term 'Non-binary' has been around for a long time. It is a phenomenon found in many cultures, but only for some time has it begun to be openly discussed. This test should be considered under the same category as any other gender quiz. It is by no means 100% accurate, but it should give you an idea of where your mind lies with regard to gender.

Additionally, if you find that you are unsure after taking this test, it could be because you are Non-Binary! The best scenario is this ‘Am I nonbinary’ quiz may help you get closer to your true self! So, let's dive in!

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever experienced confusion about your sexual orientation?

A. Yes 

B. Sometimes 

C. No

2. Do you feel uncomfortable when others talk about how they like someone of the opposite sex?

A. Yes 

B. Just sometimes

C. No, never

3. Do you fantasize about a particular gender?

A. Both 

B. Only the opposite

C. Only the same

4. Do you identify with any gender?

A. Yes 

B. No 

C. Sometimes 

5. In what ways do you judge a person’s appearance?

A. The delicate features of their face

B. Their body weight

C. Looks do not matter to me

6. How do you feel when someone refers to you by gendered terms (e.g., man, woman, sir, ma'am)?

A. Comfortable and identified with the term

B. Indifferent or unsure

C. Uncomfortable or misidentified

7. When thinking about your own gender, which of the following best describes your feelings?

A. I strongly identify with the gender I was assigned at birth

B. I sometimes question the gender I was assigned at birth

C. I do not identify with the gender I was assigned at birth

8. How do you prefer to express your gender through clothing and appearance?

A. I prefer clothing and styles typically associated with my assigned birth gender

B. I like to mix and match or feel indifferent about clothing styles

C. I prefer clothing and styles not typically associated with my assigned birth gender

9. When you think about your future, how do you see yourself in terms of gender?

A. Living as the gender I was assigned at birth

B. Unsure or exploring different aspects of gender

C. Living as a different gender than the one I was assigned at birth or without a specific gender

10. How do you feel about traditional gender roles and expectations?

A. I generally agree with and fit into traditional gender roles

B. I have mixed feelings or am unsure about traditional gender roles

C. I disagree with or feel constrained by traditional gender roles

11. Can you identify all of the letters in “LGBTQ”?

A. Piece of cake! Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender

B. I’m not sure

C. I can’t

12. Do you feel different from everyone else?

A. Yes 

B. Sometimes 

C. No 

13. Have you ever questioned your sexual identity?

A. Yes 

B. Sometimes 

C. No 

14. Are you a member of any LGBTQ+ support group?

A. I’m not a member but still support

B. Yes, I’m proud of it

C. No 

15. Do you know the definitions such as gender fluid, queer gender, cisgender, and agender?

A. Duh? This is called general culture

B. Just some of them

C. No

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