Am I Falling Out of Love Quiz

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Am I Falling Out of Love Quiz
Are you feeling that your SO is someone that you do not know that well anymore? You have asked yourself countless times, “Am I falling out of love?”rnThere are different reasons why you may be falling out of love. For most people, it may be because they have started to grow and they are not suitable for each other anymore. It can be harder when two people have taken a vow to grow old together Read more but grew apart instead. Take this quiz to figure out if you have fallen out of love with your partner. There may be some signs that you are trying to ignore that will become apparent when you take this quiz. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Lately there are only a few things that we can talk about.

A. There are instances when we can talk for hours then there are days when we don’t talk at all

B. We don't talk anymore

C. We still talk a lot every day

2. Does flirting with other people seem very appealing to you?

A. There is one particular person that I want to flirt with

B. I would gladly flirt with other people if I could

C. I do not like the idea of flirting with others

3. I do not think that my partner is a good person.

A. There is still a part of my partner that is good

B. I agree

C. I feel like my partner is a good person

4. We always have a hard time trying to discuss things that we do not agree on.

A. It would depend on what our moods are

B. Every little thing just turns into a fight

C. We would usually try to wait it out before talking again

5. There are instances when I just don’t feel joyful about the relationship.

A. I agree

B. I am not joyful about the relationship at all

C. There are still more good parts rather than the bad parts

6. I do not express appreciation towards my partner anymore.

A. I feel that I give appreciation when I really appreciate something that my partner has done

B. There is nothing to be grateful or thankful for

C. I will always say “thank you” for the smallest things

7. How often do you think about the person?

A. Not often when we’re together

B. I sometimes forget that we’re together

C. All the time

8. Do you think about bringing your partner a token of appreciation whenever you go on a trip?

A. When I see something that I think my partner would like, yes

B. Not really

C. Yes, I would

9. Has it crossed your mind to cheat on your partner?

A. I was tempted

B. Yes, I am actually cheating right now

C. Not at all

10. Do you see yourself still being with your partner in the next five years?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Definitely yes

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