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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3341 | Updated: May 07, 2024
Am I Emotionally Attached to Him Quiz

Emotions play a vital role in creating a bond between two people. Relationships thrive when there is a delicate balance between emotions and logic. It can be hard to maintain this balance, but we can not stop trying. 

There are certain relationships where you can afford to be detached, but romantic relationships are tied together with emotional attachment. The attachment does not imply emotional dependence. 

When your romantic partner becomes your source of all joy and good in life, it may be time to start differentiating between the two. So, have you wondered, "Am I emotionally attached to him?" Take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the first thing you do when you feel low?

A. I grab my phone and call him.

B. I don’t like sharing how I feel with him.

C. When I can’t deal with my emotions, I share my feelings with him.

2. How do you feel around him?

A. I still feel butterflies in my stomach.

B. I feel nothing special.

C. I always want them around.

3. How is your sexual chemistry?

A. It has become mechanical.

B. He still rocks my world.

C. I fear they will soon find me unattractive.

4. Have you ever been able to share your dark secrets with your partner?

A. Yes, we have shared some.

B. No, I don’t think they will understand.

C. We don’t have any secrets.

5. If you had to describe your relationship through this image, what would you say?

A. Our relationship is really fragile, like these plates.

B. This reminds me of how we embrace each other’s differences.

C. I see two beautiful paintings by Vincent van Gogh.

6. Do you care about each other’s orgasms?

A. Yes, we should both be satisfied.

B. I assume they are satisfied.

C. I do not care about my orgasm.

7. Do you cook meals together?

A. Sometimes.

B. Rarely.

C. It’s a tradition.

8. How do you settle arguments?

A. Through a civilized discussion.

B. We usually blame each other.

C. It gets extremely stressful.

9. Do you feel insecure when he talks to other people?

A. No, we give each other space.

B. Yes, I need to know who they are talking to.

C. I couldn’t care less.

10. How would you describe your recent conversations with him?

A. Just the usual.

B. Quite intense.

C. Bland.

11. How do you react to their successes?

A. I feel overjoyed as if their success is my own.

B. I recognize their achievements but don't feel much else.

C. I worry they might outgrow me.

12. How often do you think about your future together?

A. We often discuss and plan our future with excitement.

B. I rarely think about it; we live in the present.

C. I'm constantly worrying whether we'll stay together.

13. How do you handle your partner's mood swings or bad moods?

A. I try to understand and support them through it.

B. I usually keep my distance until they're in a better mood.

C. It affects my mood deeply; I can't be happy if they're not.

14. How do you feel when you're apart for an extended period?

A. I miss them but feel secure in our relationship.

B. I hardly notice the difference; we're both independent.

C. I feel anxious and unsettled, constantly checking in.

15. How do you approach conflicts about priorities or plans?

A. We discuss and try to find a compromise that respects both our needs.

B. I prefer to just go with what they want to avoid conflict.

C. Conflicts like these often make me question our compatibility.

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