Am I an Attention Seeker Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 37
Am I an Attention Seeker Quiz
There are people that are cut out for stealing the spotlight wherever they go; their outfit, language, tone, character and expressions are testaments to that trait. And there are others who want to be centre of attention and all their actions are geared towards making that happen. Have you been wondering, “Am I An Attention Seeker”? Do people’s reactions suggest that you indeed are or maybe you’re just overthinking? Journey with us through this quiz to find out your fate.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you feel when your opinions are taken for granted?

A. I feel very hurt and unloved

B. I feel it’s their loss because my opinions are wise

C. Indifferent, as it’s part of life

2. What do you think people think about you?

A. Very chatty and loud, as I get that a lot

B. Strongly opinionated and expressive

C. Shy

3. Which actor is your favorite?

A. Al Pacino

B. Idris Elba

C. Paul Newman

4. Choose one

A. A shiny yellow suit

B. A black tux

C. A jean and top

5. Do you like calm environments?

A. No, it’s too dull for me

B. Sometimes, when it’s for relaxation

C. All the time

6. Which tone would you mainly use to disagree with someone?

A. A loud overpowering tone

B. A solid and eloquent tone

C. A low and calm tone

7. Where would you rather be on a Saturday evening?

A. The noisiest club

B. Hanging out with friends casually

C. At home with family

8. What’s your reaction when you are with your partner and they are doing something else?

A. Create a scene to get their attention

B. Effectively communicate my displeasure

C. I love my space too, so I’ll do my thing

9. How would you likely alert the waiters that you haven’t been served at a party?

A. Throw the loudest tantrum to shame the waiters

B. Walk up to the waiters and explain my predicament

C. Calmly signal the waiters and ask

10. I would rather be…

A. At Las Vegas, chilling

B. At a self-development conference or workshop

C. At a quiet beach experiencing nature

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