Am I Afraid of Love Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1646
Am I Afraid of Love Quiz
Am I afraid of love? Is this question bugging you lately? Love is a curious thing. Some people reach out and experience love. Others are afraid of love. If you’re someone who struggles with love, you’re not alone. If you are someone who doesn’t want to but somehow end up sabotaging every romantic spark that comes your way, here is a quiz that will help you find out if you are afraid to love or not. You know what they say; if you know the root cause of the problem, you are halfway there already.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you worry that they will leave you?

A. Yeah, a lot

B. Sometimes I do

C. No, I don’t feel worried

2. Do you freeze up when it comes to intimacy?

A. Not usually

B. Yeah. If I don’t trust them

C. Yeah, I do a lot

3. Are you scared of vulnerability?

A. Yeah I am

B. Sometimes I’m hesitant

C. Not particularly

4. Do you prefer to solve the problems that you have alone?

A. Yeah I don’t want to be a burden

B. It depends on the kind of problem I am facing.

C. I prefer to share it with my partner; I believe their perspective would help me through the issue

5. Do your feelings suddenly shift at the idea of love?

A. Yeah, I’m cautious about love, but I don’t feel my feelings shift

B. Yeah. I change when I feel love

C. Nah. I accept them

6. Do you value solo time a lot over spending time with others?

A. Yeah, I like being alone

B. I’m okay with sharing as long as someone’s worth my time

C. Nah I want to share my life

7. Do you become hypercritical of partners when you start having feelings for them?

A. Yeah, I do

B. Not more than I normally am

C. I start to analyze all aspects, but not critically

8. Do you have a lot of past demons?

A. Yeah, I have a rough past

B. I do, but I usually don’t let it bother me

C. Nah, I live in the here and now

9. Do you stop yourself from pursuing relationships because they make you nervous?

A. Yeah sometimes

B. Yeah I have before

C. No, I usually give them a chance

10. Are you nervous about trusting others?

A. Yeah, a lot

B. Not really

C. Sometimes I feel this way

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