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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5777 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Am I Capable of Love Quiz
Are you capable of loving someone the way they deserve to be loved? Do you have it in you to give your all to another person? If you’ve ever been curious about these things, take our quiz to find out what type of heart you have.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your mom calls you up and tells you she had a rough day. You:

A. Listen to her vent and offer some advice

B. Tell her how difficult your day was too

C. Hang up in disinterest before she can say another word

2. When your friends want to hang out with you, do you:

A. Spend as long as possible with them

B. Stay for an hour or two

C. Make an excuse to avoid seeing them altogether

3. Imagine that your younger sibling broke their arm. Would you:

A. Go to visit them in the hospital

B. Text them your condolences

C. Ignore the situation

4. If you and your partner had an argument, would you:

A. Apologize and try to forgive them

B. Insist you did nothing wrong and continue to egg them on

C. Hold a grudge until the end of the day

5. A stray dog has been hanging around your house. You:

A. Call up animal control

B. Set out a blanket and some food for him

C. Ignore him

6. Your friend tells you they have a crush on you. You don’t have feelings for them. Do you:

A. Lead them on for a bit before revealing you don’t reciprocate their feelings

B. Tell them you don’t feel the same way, but it’s sweet that they like you

C. Laugh in their face

7. You watch a child fall down and scrape their knee. Do you:

A. Watch to make sure someone checks on them

B. Go over to them and ask if they’re okay

C. Turn away. It’s none of your business

8. There’s only one slice of cake left in the break room. You:

A. Cut it in half and leave the other piece for someone else

B. Take it, but leave an apologetic note

C. Eat it and go home

9. Imagine that your friend’s goldfish died suddenly. Would you:

A. Buy them a new one in hopes to cheer them up

B. Give them your condolences

C. Tell them they’re overreacting. It’s just a fish

10. A pipe bursts in your apartment. Do you:

A. Call up the landlord and ask for his help as soon as he’s able

B. Get impatient and try to fix it yourself

C. Insist the landlord fix it immediately and threaten if he doesn’t

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