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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 196
Am I a Sociopath Quiz

Do you often find yourself feeling disconnected from general humanity or feel out of place? Do you feel like you are “unlovable”? Maybe you have spent most of your life feeling inferior to others because you feel like you are missing something inside of you. Sometimes, you are supposed to have an emotion, say empathy. Maybe another personality trait? You may have been considering the fact that people may be right, and you really are a sociopath! 

So, take this Am I a Sociopath Quiz and find out the truth.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often would you say you feel awkward or uninterested in social situations?

A. I feel awkward in social situations if I am not familiar with the people, I tend to be pretty shy

B. I am awkward sometimes unintentionally; it’s just how I am. I do try to change that though

C. I am pretty awkward, but I really don’t care for social situations or events.

D. I know I am not like everyone else, and it’s hard for me to be part of a conversation because I don’t understand the social cues and expectations

2. Has anyone important to you ever told you that they felt you had no emotions or seemed disconnected in your relationships?

A. Sometimes, because when I get upset or mad, I could turn the emotions off to a point, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions.

B. Yes, but it wasn’t my intention, and I didn’t mean to be that way. I am trying to change.

C. Yes, and I didn’t mean to, but I don’t have control over whether or not I feel things like everyone else does

D. Yes, and I feel the same way about myself. I know it isn’t normal, but there is nothing I can do about it.

3. How truthful would you say you are?

A. I think I am very truthful.

B. I try to be truthful all of the time, but I am not going to say I don’t have flaws.

C. I know I don’t always tell the truth, but I don’t mean to lie.

D. I do tend to stretch the truth a lot of the time, but it’s for my benefit

4. If we were to ask your family and friends, how reliable would they say you are?

A. They would say they can always count on me

B. They would say I am reliable most of the time

C. They would say they can count on me most of the time, as long as they continue to remind me and make sure that I don’t forget, but I am not reliable all the time.

D. I know I often disappoint people who are relying on me for things, but I have a life too, and I am extremely busy. I do what I can

5. Which option below best describes your sex life?

A. I enjoy sex just as much as the next guy, or maybe a little too much. I tend to have frequent sexual partners.

B. I think my sex life is pretty average

C. I know my sex life is not as active as other people my age, but I also know it’s hard for me to get to that point with a female because I have no game

D. If the opportunity presents itself, which it doesn’t

6. How do you feel about your future?

A. It feels good at the moment

B. It feels a bit uncertain, but it always feels that way

C. I don’t have much hope for the future

D. I’m not sure. I don’t really think about the future

7. Would you describe yourself as someone incapable of truly loving another person?

A. No, I have been in love before, and I love my family

B. No, I think I am

C. No, it’s just that I express love in a different way

D. Yes, I really do. I have tried, but I just don’t get it

8. Do you feel remorse for others?

A. No

B. Absolutely

C. At times

D. Mostly for my dear ones

9. Is your behavior antisocial for no good reason?

A. Yes

B. Not at all

C. At times

D. Not for my friends and family

10. Are you pathologically egocentric, and incapable of love?

A. I think so

B. Not at all

C. No, I am just a loner

D. Not for my friends and family

11. Do you experience emotions as most other people do?

A. I am certain I do not

B. Yes, I do

C. Yes, but I feel lonelier than other people

D. Yes, mostly in relationships

12. What is your way of controlling others?

A. I threaten them sometimes

B. I always control them by intimidating them

C. I'm trying to control them with my logic

D. I do not need to control people

13. When you do something wrong that upsets another person or hurts their feelings, which reaction describes you best?

A. I would probably feel bad for hurting their feelings

B. I am sure I would feel bad, but it is not like I would do that on purpose

C. I am not sure

D. I wish I had the ability to feel bad, but to be honest, I really wouldn’t think about it too much.

14. Has anyone ever criticized or expressed concern for your drug use, alcohol consumption, or gambling habits?

A. Not really/ I don’t have these issues

B. Sometimes, but not lately

C. It has happened, but it really isn’t any of their business

D. Yes, and I said I would stop, but I really don’t plan on it anytime soon. I have too much stress about that.

15. Do you generally adhere to professional responsibilities at work?

A. Yes, for the most part

B. Sometimes, but I am not perfect, and things happen

C. I try my best, but I am always running late for one reason or another.

D. At least I am there, though; it’s better than nothing.

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