Fashionable Families: How To Flaunt Your Baby Bump

Fashionable Families: How To Flaunt Your Baby Bump

Dressing can be a major fashion challenge for expectant mothers, even for the most fashion-forward mommas-to-be. Your body is undergoing constant change, and you’re suddenly dressing an unfamiliar body. Your favorite pair of jeans that were once the perfect fit all of a sudden won’t zip up anymore!

As daunting as it sounds, don’t worry! There are countless ways to keep in touch with your inner fashionista during your pregnancy term. When dressing during pregnancy, it is important to keep yourself comfortable, while being stylish comes second.

Here some tips for staying comfy and stylish in your maternity wear so that you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion statement.

1. Embrace your belly bump

We’ve seen and observed countless women try and hide their baby bumps by wearing baggy, oversized clothes. Instead of highlighting your body shape, it will make you look larger than your actual size. Invest in stylish maternity dresses that accentuate your growing belly and show off your best assets confidently.

During your pregnancy, your belly bump is one the most beautiful things you can ever have, so embrace it and make it the focal point of your outfit.

2. Keep it simple

Keep it simple by sticking to block colors and wearing clean and minimalistic shapes. You can tone down your outfits by wearing neutral or earthy tones. Spice it up with a bangle or two, and you’re ready to rock the runway.

3. Play with color

If you’re not the type to tone it down and keep your style on the down low, you can experiment with brighter colors. Most pregnant women steer clear from colorful garments and rely on the slimming power of dark colors. The notion that brightly colored clothes make one look bigger doesn’t always apply. When styled correctly, they can flaunt your figure in ways you wouldn’t have expected.

4. Jeans are your best friend

Your skinny jeans are now tighter than ever, and it has now found a new home at the bottom of your drawers. But what if I told you skinny jeans can still be a staple in your maternity wardrobe?

With your growing bump, look into comfy maternity jeans with elastic waistbands to support your ever-growing baby bump. Once they’re taken care of, your wardrobe will have a whole new set of available outfit options!

Fashionable Families: How To Flaunt Your Baby Bump

5. Own lycra and ruche

Lycra is an elastic polyurethane fabric used especially for close-fitting clothing. It was originally for sports attire, but brilliant fashion minds decided to incorporate it into maternity wear. Lycra provides a very flattering and secure fit for your belly. It hugs your abdomen without being too tight but remains super comfy.

Ruche is another kind of bodycon maternity wear. Ruched maternity dresses are perfect in soft and elastic fabrics, providing ample room for your belly to grow without losing your trendy sense.

6. Accessorize

Accessories can add a touch of style to whatever you’re wearing, and since they don’t have varying sizes, you can be sure that they will fit you throughout your term. They are an excellent way to spruce up your outfit and add a “wow” factor to your style. Statement belts, scarves, and bangles, to name a few, are surefire ways to make your maternity stand out.

7. Layer, layer, layer

Many women consider layering to be a no-no during their pregnancy. Layering, when done correctly, can help emphasize your face in a flattering way. Layering provides you the option of framing and highlighting your facial and physical attributes.

A word of caution: Take note of your proportions. Avoid wearing clothing that will make you look wider, or longer than your actual figure. Focus on highlighting the aspects you want people to notice about your bump.


Pregnancy is a time to reinvent yourself and your wardrobes. How exciting is that? Each trimester requires a different clothing style that will allow you to adapt to your baby bump as it grows bigger with each passing day.

Try buying into a style you’ve always wanted to try out. Try something new and fresh. Don’t dread your baby bump, instead, embrace the new you.

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