Resolving Conflicts In Blended Families Without Waging a War

Resolving Conflicts In Blended Families Without Waging a War

No relationship is free of conflict. Be it amongst parents or siblings, friends, lovers, in-laws, you name it.

At one point or another, a conflict or quarrel Is bound to rise up. It is a part of human nature. At times these conflicts help us to learn and progress but when not handled properly they can cause a fair amount of heartbreak.

One factor that contributes greatly to conflicts is the situation. Now if we talk about blended families the situation is usually very tense. It is like walking on eggshells. One wrong move and you might set off a full-scale war. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration.

Jokes aside a blended family is more likely to face conflicts than your average family. Why? Because all parties involved in this new union are faced with a concoction of dangerous emotions. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, fear, insecurity, confusion, and frustration.

With all these emotions brewing it is most likely for the smallest of misunderstandings to escalate and matters may get out of hand. Now as mentioned before conflicts are unavoidable and at times necessary.

However, the real question is how these conflicts should be handled? How can one resolve a conflict without making matters worse? Well, you are in luck because this article answers all these questions. All you have to do is just keep reading.

  • Never jump to conclusions

This is something you should avoid with a passion. Jumping to conclusions is like rekindling an almost extinguished fire.

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. It is also possible that they did not mean to hurt your feelings.

Many times, it just so happens that people tend to blame everything that is going wrong in their lives on one person. This one person may not necessarily responsible, but they become the target of the other’s frustration.

At times like this, it is vital to understand that the person in question may not be trying to hurt your feelings. In fact, it is very unlikely. Sometimes people cannot control their emotions.

  • Communication is vital

Talk it out! Keeping your issues to yourself will get you absolutely nowhere. If you do not communicate your feelings at the right time all your frustrations and misunderstandings will keep building up.

This can only result in nothing but unnecessary conflict.  If you talk about problems at the right time you will be able to avoid a bigger conflict. Also, as a family, it is important to know each other well.

Obviously, that cannot happen if you refuse to talk to each other. the other person can never know what you think or feel unless you tell them. So, do not shut yourself out. Deal with the problem at hand and decrease the chance for future conflicts.

  • Negotiate

Conflicts can be resolved without a hitch if both sides are willing to communicate

Remember, nothing is set in stone. If a conflict is occurring due to one certain aspect, then work on it. Give your two cents but also listen to what the other person has to say.

Conflicts can be resolved without a hitch if both sides are willing to communicate.

However, if you only speak and do not listen then that will get you nowhere. The thing with blended families is that often the members view each other as strangers and not family. That is why they can be a little hostile towards each other.

If you can establish a habit of taking into account everyone’s thoughts then they may feel less estranged. Hence, it is better not to assert yourself but to reach a middle ground where everyone feels comfortable.

  • Recognize differences

This can help a lot. The moment you realise that not everyone may think the way you do, can help solve half the problem. Everyone has the right to a different opinion and that must be respected.

Sometimes people may be open to new adjustments, other times it may take a while for the ice to thaw. That does not mean that the other person is purposefully being difficult. Again, if all the above mentioned techniques are applied you can smooth things out in no time.

  • Do not let a little conflict worry you

Conflict can be really important for bonding so do not be worried if you are faced with one. Keep a steady head and think rationally. Of course, being in a blended family is not the easiest thing you can imagine. Each person has some sort of emotional baggage.

Conflicts can help relieve you off this baggage however there are a few ground rules that everyone should keep in mind.

The element of respect should be maintained in all relationships.

Apologise if you are wrong.

Learn to forgive and move on. Holding grudges against your family will only make your life difficult.

So, try your best to resolve conflicts effectively and life a happy life!