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  • funny tips for a successful marriage

    Hoping for a Successful Marriage? Here Are 5 Funny Marriage Quotes

    funny tips for a successful marriage

    Marriage is a full-time responsibility. The fun time is over, and it is time to get a little serious now. We don’t mean to scare all the newlyweds, and we don’t mean this in a negative way. We just mean that there cannot be three days in a row of boy’s night and there cannot be three zeros at the end of every shopping purchase. We don’t mean to say that there is no time for fun, jokes and laughter but we surely are saying that there are certain things that are to be taken seriously. A little care is all you need, and we have some funny tips for a successful marriage for you.

    Marriage requires commitment and coordination. You need to give each other space, and you need to accept each other for who they truly are. You need to realize that you two need to work together if you want this marriage to go a long way!

    We have collected some funny quotes for a successful marriage. You’d be able to implement them at some point in life. In one way or the other so let’s check them out!


    It is important to invest some time with each other

    These funny marriage quotes for newlyweds will surely add spunk to the relationship 

    1. Marriage is an ‘As Is’ deal. Do not try to change your spouse, that’s as good as it gets.
    2. Always remember the three words, “Let’s go out.”Date night isn’t a thing of the past. Married couples that still date each other stay together. As a plus, these words may stop an argument or hide the fact that you forgot to make dinner as you promised.
    3. Leave the toilet seat down. Enough said.
    4. Women, don’t make a fuss if he does not cry. He just finds it hard to show that emotion.
    5. Don’t think he’s gross if he farts; it’s just going to happen a lot and you have to live with it. And don’t think she’s pathetic just because she obsesses about her skin or nail paint colors. That’s just how men and women are.

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