International Women’s Day: What Women Need In Relationships

International Women’s Day: What Women Need In Relationships

Whatever you give to a woman she will make it greater. Women are intrinsically caregivers. In relationships they care for their partners, nurture and strengthen their relationship bond. Women in most cases are more invested in their relationships than their male partners. This is not to say that men value relationships any less. It is just that women have a natural tendency of being more caring and hence they contribute a lot more emotionally in relationships. They must be appreciated for that. This Women’s day let us thank the women in our lives for their efforts and their care.

The best way to appreciate women is not by giving gifts or saying thank you, but by reciprocating their relationship efforts. They give all the love, support and respect that their partners need and in return they deserve to receive everything that they need from a relationship.

Women sometimes use indirect way of communication that men find difficult to decipher. They express themselves so subtly through gestures, body language and hints, that men are not able to interpret what they are trying to say. Consequently, their needs in a relationship sometimes remain unfulfilled. But that can change. Women majorly have these 8 needs from a relationship. Taking care of these needs can make a woman satisfied in a relationship.

1. She needs your time

Women need to talk, they need to express themselves to their partners. They feel connected with their partners when they spend time and share what they have on their mind with their partner. So make sure you make time for your woman. This will not only make her feel closer to you but make her more relaxed and calm.

2. She needs you to be reliable

Today’s woman is empowered, self sufficient and she can take care of all her needs. But a relationship doesn’t work that way. In a relationship, both partners must be able to rely on each other. A woman needs a man that she can count on. Be reliable, be there for her when she needs you, be emotionally available for her.

3. She needs you to be thoughtful

A little thoughtfulness can make a relationship extremely fulfilling. Sometimes run a few errands for her, do her share of household chores, take her out for dinner, buy her flowers for no reason, all this can make her really happy. Be thoughtful about what makes her happy.

 She needs you to be thoughtful

4. She needs you to take notice of her

Especially after marriage, men tend to take their partners for granted. They sometimes fail to notice new things about their partner, change in hairstyle, weight-loss or may be new dress they are wearing. Women may not show it but they feel very disappointed when their partners don’t notice such things.

No matter how many years you have been married, you must take notice of  what your wife does, it will make her feel good about you and your relationship.

5. She needs you to appreciate her

Appreciating a woman doesn’t just mean thanking her on women’s day, it is much more. You have express to her that you value her and her contributions in the relationship through little gestures and gifts. You should appreciate her not only in private but socially, in front of your friends. Time and again expressing gratitude will keep her happy and will motivate her to keep working towards making your relationship better.

6. She needs to feel desired

Women must feel desired in a relationship. There can be no romance or passion in a relationship where partners don’t feel desired by each other. Men must compliment their wives, make them feel beautiful and desired.

7. She needs you to express yourself

Men unlike women are often not fond of sharing everything with their partners. But it is infact a very healthy practice. Relationships in which both partners share all their feelings and express themselves are much healthier and fulfilling than those where the partner hides things from each other.

Women have a tendency to overthink, when their partners conceal their feelings or any other information from them, it causes them a lot of stress. So if you have something in mind, discuss it with your wife, it will save her from a lot of overthinking and will make your relationship better.

8. She needs to feel loved

Love is what keeps two people together in a relationship. If you are in a relationship with a woman you must be in love with her. But being in love is not enough. You must express to her how much you love her, no matter how long you have been together.

These are a few basic things that women need and deserve in a relationship. This women’s day pledge to make your relationship better by being more thoughtful and by taking care of your woman’s needs.

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