How to Keep Things Fresh & Juicy in A Relationship

How to Keep Things Fresh & Juicy in A Relationship

You and your partner have just celebrated your nth anniversary.  You know you still love each other, but you are slowly getting annoyed by some of the habits of your partner.  Unknown to you,your partner may have similar feelings.  This is termed as a relationship rut, and, like all other “ruts,” there are ways you can get out of it.

A relationship rut should not be the reason a relationship goes kaput.  You and your partner are bound to fall into some sort of routine down the road.  ALL couples do.  It is part of being in a relationship to do things habitually.  Heck, it is part of life.  The question is – What are you going to do about it?

Below are some suggestions to get that fire burning in your relationship again.  Read through the list.  Do some things on the list.  Get some ideas from the list and make your own list.  The important thing is that you get inspired and motivated to do something to get out of the relationship rut.  After all, every relationship is like a plant.  Aside from love, it also needs attention to grow.

  • Grab some sticky notes and dash off short love messages.  Or, break off a long message into several sticky notes.  Fold a sticky note and leave it wherever you think your partner will see it- be it in a shoe, coffee mug, or toothbrush. You get the point.  The surprised look and the smile on your partner’s face will be worth all the effort.
  • Surprise your partner with a back massage.  Who doesn’t like getting an impromptu back massage?  When your partner is settled in on the sofa, recliner, bed, etc., go ahead and knead those knots out of their shoulders.  Who knows?  Maybe you would even get a return back massage too from your spouse!
  •  If your partner likes getting her nails done, get her an appointment at her favorite salon.  Write a reminder on the calendar.  Be prepared for lots of shrieking and hugging and kissing.  Also, don’t forget to pay for the appointment!
  • Tickle your partner.  You’ll know when the timing is right.  Laughter always puts people in a good mood.
  • Get your partner a card or write them a letter and put a stamp on it.  In a world of emails and texts, your mail from the post office will surely make your partner’s day.
  • Make a meal together.  When you see your partner working hard in the kitchen to feed you, roll up your sleeves and volunteer to help.  Not only do get food on the table sooner with an extra pair of hands, but you also get to spend quality time together.
  • Have a glass of wine or a can of beer with your partner for no particular reason.  Being together is enough reason to celebrate and have a drink.
  • On a lazy day, snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie that you and your partner like or have not seen before.  You don’t have to be dressed up to have quality time.  Whether it’s an old one like Titanic or Indiana Jones or a new one like Wonder Woman, movie time will surely be special.  Don’t forget to make popcorn as well!
  • Plan a vacation to somewhere you’ve both wanted to visit.  Take yourselves away from work and just explore a new place together.  This would be a good time to reconnect and focus on each other.
  • Whenever you feel like it, go up to your partner and whisper “I love you” in their ear.  These three little words get spoken less frequently as a relationship progresses.  However, they are extremely important because sometimes actions are just not enough.  Besides, your partner won’t be expecting the words, and you’ll be feeling smug afterward knowing you put a smile on their face.  

There are various ways to keep your relationship alive. It is important to remember that not all relationships are the same and people have different personalities. What works for some might not work for you and your partner.  Be attentive to what you and your partner need and you’ll surely come up with ideas that will work exclusively for your relationship.

Dwayne Austin
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