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    Dreams About Divorce –  Interpretation and Making the Best Out of Them

    Don’t rush into declaring that, as soon as you have dreamt about a divorce, you are unhappy with your marriage

    Dreams about divorce can mean a range of things, as any dream. As we will show in this article, interpreting dreams is not an exact science, not by far. But, if you do wake up after one such dream, or have recurrent divorce dreams, it won’t hurt to do some soul-searching, to understand your own unconscious workings. This article might help guide you through the process.

    The psychology of dreaming

    Before we move on to interpreting what your dreams about divorce might be trying to tell you, we need to talk about the psychology of dreaming first. The current science of dreaming differs greatly from that of about a century ago when first big names of psychology started showing interest in a scientific interpretation of dreams.  

    Freud, Jung, and Adler are three most prominent dynamic psychologists that understood the potential behind interpreting dreams of their patients. Freud introduced the idea of an unconscious part of the psyche, which makes up to nine-tenths of our inner life. This great thinker wanted to find ways to reach the workings of this part of our existence.

    One such pathway was the interpretation of dreams. In dreams, according to Freud, our subconscious surfaced and spoke to us in symbols. There are many things to understand before we embark on any given dream interpretation, which is why this article won’t even try to interpret your dreams but to serve merely as a guide.

    Our mind’s way of processing intense experience

    What is important to know is that dreams usually either present our daily experiences or exhibit our subconsciousness. In other words, there is no need to overcomplicate things – if you’re getting a divorce, or thinking about getting it, a dream about it is merely our mind’s way of processing such intense experience.

    Even in such cases, it can be very beneficial to explore the dream and see if you’re missing some important parts of your experience when awake. It is possible that some of your emotions or thoughts get pushed aside for more pragmatic issues, while the former is arguably much more important for your future wellbeing and the way you cope with the divorce itself. However, if you’re not in the midst of a divorce, but you still dream about it, it is time to sit down and very tentatively delve into your inner workings.

    Dreams usually either present our daily experiences or exhibit our subconsciousness

    Some possible interpretations of dreams about divorce

    One can dream about divorce in different life situations – when single, when married, when in a long-term relationship, or completely unrelated to one’s love life. What all those situations share is the symbolism of such dream. It is a separation. Separation from a person, from an idea, from anything that might be limiting your freedom.

    Now, not one dream can really be interpreted without the input by the dreamer. Even Jung or Freud didn’t ever just take a dream and decide what it meant without knowing the dreamer through and through and collaborating with them in exploring what each symbol might have meant for the specific person.

    Which means that you are the one who needs to dig deep and figure out what it is exactly. Are you afraid of being free, do you feel safer when you depend on others (your spouse, for example)? Or do you need more time alone, more freedom, or maybe even having thoughts of an extramarital affair?

    A psychologist who would want to explore the meaning of dreams with you would probably start with some of these questions. A generalized divorce dream interpretation would revolve around the question of your relationship satisfaction, your need for freedom, and your hidden fears or desires.

    Conscious deliberation as the ultimate guide

    In the end, whatever the dream might signify when its symbolism is taken into consideration, what must be your ultimate guide is your conscious deliberation. In other words, do take the dream as an indicator that there is something you should think about, and there are probably some unresolved and unconscious issues you ought to tackle.

    But, don’t rush into declaring that, as soon as you have dreamt about a divorce, you are probably utterly unhappy with your marriage and you should get one in reality. Not at all. As we showed you, a dream can mean any number of things. It is now up to you to honestly question your psyche and find out what it is trying to show you. It might have nothing to do with your love life. Or it has everything to do with it, but you should figure out how to approach things in reality. In any case, a dream is a helper, but not the judge. You are the judge.

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