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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 121 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Does My Wife Want to Divorce Me Quiz
Although about half of all marriages end in divorce, there is still something about every relationship that convinces people that they are not going to be part of the statistics. Even if there are signs that there is trouble in paradise, you might choose to ignore the warnings or convince yourself that things are going to be okay. It is hard to know sometimes if your wife is thinking about divorce, and it may be eating away at you. There are some definite signs to look out for that would reveal the answer you are looking for. So, take this short quiz to have an idea if your wife wants a divorce or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think you have been a good partner throughout your marriage?

A. No, I realize I haven’t been the best partner for most of it

B. I know I have made some mistakes, but I have fixed those issues

C. I think it’s been a little bit of both of us that has led to this

D. Yes, I feel like I have been a good partner most of the time

2. Do you feel constantly degraded, inferior, or as if you can’t do anything, right?

A. No, not most of the time

B. Yes, all the time

C. Sometimes

D. Most of the time

3. Does it seem like your wife has become busier lately, either working late or spending time with friends, etc.?

A. Yes, frequently

B. Yes, sometimes

C. Not most of the time

D. No, it’s about the same as it’s always been

4. Has there been more arguing and tension recently?

A. No, not more than usual

B. Most of the time, yes

C. Yes, significantly more than normal

D. Sometimes

5. Has there been less intimacy?

A. Yes, she doesn’t even seem interested in being intimate

B. Most of the time, she rejects my advances

C. We have been intimate, but not nearly as often as we used to

D. It’s definitely decreased, but we are still intimate regularly

6. Have there been any major changes or shifts in your marriage that have caused a lot of tension or confusion?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Not anything major

D. Just small things

7. From your perspective, do you feel like your wife is drifting away, and there is something that doesn’t seem right going on? (You know her best!)

A. Sometimes I feel like that, but most times, things are okay

B. Yes, I absolutely feel like something is going on

C. It’s about 50/50

D. I often feel this way

8. Do you feel like your wife has become very emotionally distant in your marriage and isn’t making any effort to make it work?

A. Yes, for a few months now

B. Yes, for a few days or weeks

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

9. Does it seem like your wife is no longer interested in doing things with you that you once enjoyed doing together?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes, all the time

C. Rarely

D. Most of the time

10. Do you feel like your wife has become closed off from you, your family, and your friends?

A. No, not really

B. Yes, definitely

C. Sometimes

D. Most of the time

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